Essential oil diffusers are the most technologically advanced way to freshen up your home. Currently, the market is overflown with diffusers, so many types and brands that are tough to count. After comparing more than 10 best contenders, it seems that the ASAKUKI 500ml Premium is the best one out of all the most popular ones, and the reviews of the users are backing that fact.

It’s top-rated, and it stands out in many things, and given that it’s a 500ml package, it makes it all worth it. Combine it with the best-smelling oil, and it’s a dream match. There are a few examples that are the best in their specific category and a lot of runner-ups that deserved to be mentioned. They will all be listed below.

Best Essential Oil Diffusers – 10 Best Picks With Reviews

Essential Oil Diffusers Reviews
Best Essential Oil Diffuser On The Market – Comparison & Reviews
ASAKUKI 500ml Premium
Dark Wood Grain
doTERRA Petal Diffuser
Smiley Daisy Hibiscus
ASAKUKI USB Portable Essential Oil Diffuser
Singeek 100ML
ZAQ Allay diffuser
Love In A Mist Diffuser
PureSpa Compact
Greenair Spa Vapor+
What An Essential Oil Diffuser Actually Is?
Essential Oil Benefits
Comparison Between Essential Oil Diffusers And Scented Candles
Essential Oil Diffuser – Important Features To Consider
Types Of Essential Oil Diffusers
Ultrasonic Diffusers
Heat Diffusers
Should People With Asthma Use Diffusers?
How To Clean Essential Oil Diffuser
Use The Following Steps To Clean Your Essential Oil Diffuser
Common Problems And Troubleshooting

Essential Oil Diffusers Reviews

Best Essential Oil Diffuser On The Market – Comparison & Reviews

Best Essential Oil Diffusers: ASAKUKI 500ml Premium



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Probably the highest-rated diffuser ever. The feedback on the Asakuki Premium is overwhelming, and deservedly so. It has a big tank of 500ml, which is one of the biggest ones ever made for an essential oil diffuser. It’s the best electric essential oil diffuser on the market today. At the same time, it’s the best essential oil diffuser with a timer option.

It has 4 timers, which is more than any other in comparison. Feature-wise, this is the best you can get in one package. You can control the density of the mist, and it can automatically shut down. It comes in two color choices, yellow and black. The base is colored, and the top is transparent, through which you can see the light.

You can choose from 7 different colors. The materials are top quality, which makes it a pretty sturdy diffuser. It features a safety auto-switch, which keeps it safe from overheating in case it runs out of water.

It’s simple to use – you will use the three buttons to control all of its features. It can also humidify the air. And it lasts for amazing 16 hours, which is unmatched in the current market. This is easily the best diffuser solution at the moment; no other diffuser offers that long operation time and that many features.


  • Very large water tank· It has 4 timers
  • Mist density control
  • 16 hours of work time
  • The ambient light has 7 color modes
  • Features safety auto-switch
  • Doubles as a humidifier


  • Other than it seems a bit bulky, nothing else seems to be an issue

Runner-up: Dark Wood Grain



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A deserved second place for the most luxurious-looking diffuser. The design is beautiful; the dark wood design makes it blend in the room perfectly. It cannot be said that it can be used as ambient light, because it features a thin line that lights up. It’s there just to add to the overall looks. It can be changed to 7 different colors and 2 brightness levels. It may serve as a nightlight.

It has a medium-sized tank of 150ml. It gives it the ability to run continuously for up to 5 hours. By the look on the pictures, you might get the feeling that it’s quite bulky, but actually, it’s pretty compact. It can also add a bit of moisture to the air of the room.

What makes it stand out, even more, is the set of 6 essential oils that come with it. The oils are completely natural, and this set is great for anyone who is new to aromatherapy. The set includes Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Peppermint, and Orange it’s one of the best essential oil diffuser combinations.

The scent is pretty strong, and it will satisfy your needs. It can be used in the big living room with no problems.


  • Great looking luxurious design
  • Led strip with a lot of color options
  • The water tank that can hold 150ml of water
  • Build quality is great
  • Great value for the price
  • It comes with 6 oils included


  • The spraying is not that strong

Best Diffuser For Daily Use: doTERRA Petal Diffuser

doTERRA Petal Diffuser


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Being one of the strongest diffusers out there, the doTERRA Petal might be your best choice for daily use. doTERRA is one of the best essential oil brands. The build quality is very good while also very simple. It’s made of sturdy materials which should make it endure a lot of time.

The setup and use won’t be challenging since the manual is made so straightforward and simple that you can make it work in minutes. It needs only around 35 seconds to spread the scent over the 8 feet. It can give the scent to the room quite fast.

It also features ambient light. It’s very pleasant with its soft white tint, and it’s the only color available. As for the noise, the Petal diffuser is quiet. It generates only 46 dB when in operation. And the scent can be felt in the room even 30 minutes after it is shut down.

The use of the doTERRA Petal diffuser is simple. There are two buttons on the front of it. One is used for the light, and the other is a power button. It has a safety feature that keeps you from turning it on if the water is not in the tank.

It doesn’t, however, come with a water pitcher. It’s not a big deal, but it requires you to unplug it and bring it under the faucet, which can damage the electronics if you’re not careful. You can always use something else to bring the water to it.

The water tank could be a bit bigger, it is 150ml, and it allows the diffuser to run for around 4 hours.


  • Very good build quality
  • Sturdy and durable materials
  • It diffuses the scent which covers the room quickly
  • It features an ambient light
  • It’s pretty strong


  • It doesn’t come with a water pitcher
  • The water tank could be a bit bigger

Best Ultrasonic Diffuser: Smiley Daisy Hibiscus



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It stands out in its compact and sleek design. Its build quality is great, and it makes it very sturdy. Below it has rubber feet which give it plenty of stability. Although it doesn’t have the water capacity as the top pick, it still is plenty. 350ml is larger than the average diffuser possesses.

It can run for around 6 hours, which means it evaporates around 55 ml per hour. It sprays the vapor much higher than the average diffuser. Its strong vapor and high capacity make it stick out from the competition.

You can smell the strong scent for around 15 minutes after it’s being turned off. And it stays noticeable for up to 1 hour after the diffuser is turned off. The usage is quite simple; there are two buttons, one is a power button which is also used to set the timer, and the other one is for turning the light on and off.

It’s pretty cool that you can choose from 7 different colors for the light. You can set only one color, or you can make them cycle. The light is not that bright, so it can be used as a nightlight. As for the noise, the Hibiscus diffuser is very quiet. It generates only around 47dB of noise. It comes with a 180-day warranty, which keeps you safe from defects.

If you notice any malfunction during this time, you can get it replaced with a new one. Its value for the price is very competitive, and its performance and build quality made it the best ultrasonic diffuser and one of the strongest essential oil diffusers.

The drawback is its dimensions. It has a bit bigger footprint. While usually, diffusers are more narrow and taller, this one is short but wide.


  • Great build quality
  • Sturdy materials
  • Large water capacity
  • Strong scent
  • Cycle option for the light
  • Good value for the price


  • Big footprint

Best Nebulizer Diffuser: ASAKUKI USB Portable Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oil Diffusers
Essential Oil Diffusers



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If you want something so portable, that you can bring it with you everywhere you go, this one might be a great choice. It’s one of the most innovative diffusers up to date. It has its own rechargeable battery which gives it around 2h of work time. It has wireless charging, which is not expected to be honest. And if you’re on the move, you can charge it via USB.

You can use it anywhere, at home, in the office, in a car, it fits everywhere. It’s made of quality materials, which makes the diffuser very durable. It is easy to use, you need to press only one button, and you’re ready to go. Wait for only a couple of seconds, and the scent will start to fill up the room.

It doesn’t use water, the only essential oil is required, and you won’t have the hassle of refilling the reservoir, which is the case with most conventional ones. As for the general looks, it looks like a thermos, a pretty neutral look that will fit anywhere, even the cup holder in your car.

It doesn’t feature a timer, which is odd, it can work continuously for 2 hours, and then it will automatically shut off.


  • Extremely portable diffuser
  • Wired and wireless charging available
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to use, no water required, and no refills
  • Fast activation


  • A bit pricey

Best Heat Diffuser: Singeek 100ML



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If you are looking for something that’s really cheap and old school that will do the job, this one might be the best choice for you. It’s a non-electric essential oil diffuser, and it also falls into the category of wood essential oil diffusers since they are mainly made of wood.

The base is made of wood, and the rest is ceramic, the build quality is awesome. It looks like it should fit perfectly in a spa or a yoga room. Since it doesn’t use electricity, you will need a candle to make the oil evaporate. That also means that you won’t have some advanced features like ambient light and timer.

But it’s extremely easy to use and clean. It can fit almost in any corner due to its small dimensions. You can mix the oil with water, and it will last you for around 5 hours, which is plenty. It also makes a great decoration.

You should be careful with it after use because the ceramic plate will be very hot. You don’t have to use a candle to burn the oil. Instead, you can get a pure oil burner. It has a first-time guarantee, which means if it arrives with any defects, you can return it immediately and get a new one as a replacement.


  • Great looking design
  • Extremely simple
  • Good build quality, the combination of ceramic and wood ensures durability
  • The scent can last up to 5 hours


  • All disadvantages of a non-electric diffuser, are no ambient light and no extra features like the timer
Some More Good Options

ZAQ Allay Diffuser

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This one has one of the most interesting designs. The shape blends in every environment, and it gives it a special touch. The looks are its advantage, but the design sacrificed its water capacity, which is only 80ml. It has a 4-hour runtime, and it produces around 20 ml of vapor per hour.

It’s a great solution if you need something sleek that should cover a smaller room. The bathroom is great for example. Find a spot in a bathroom, and you will have the best kind of combination of relaxation and aromatherapy while you’re in the bathtub.

The build quality is average, it’s not bad, but it’s not premium at all. And for the same price, you can find devices with a lot better build quality. It has an ambient light with a choice of 3 colors. The top part which is transparent lights up the room just enough to be used as a nightlight.

It’s simple to use day and night. It has only one button which is backlit, so it’s easy to find it at night. Overall, it’s a modern-looking diffuser that will change the look of the room for the better.


  • Beautiful looks
  • Color-changing lighting
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to useCons
  • Small water tank


  • Small water tank

Love In A Mist Diffuser

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This is one of the rarest because it’s a nonplastic essential oil diffuser. It’s made of porcelain, and it’s one of the best-looking ones out there. It has a custom drawing on the porcelain body, which is transparent, so when you turn the light on, it lights the drawing up. It looks fantastic.

The build quality is great; the rest of the diffuser is made of high-quality plastic. You can choose from a variety of colors for the ambient light, 7 in total, and it has 2 brightness levels. It’s not the quietest essential oil diffuser out there, but it’s not that loud either. It reaches noise levels up to 52 dB.

It has two buttons on the front, which makes it very easy to use. The water tank capacity is 100ml, which is plenty for 20ml/h spray in mist mode. The performance is average; it’s really the choice of the people whose main concern is looked.

It’s very easy to clean and maintain. You can clean it completely using apple cider vinegar in minutes. It can work around 4 hours on the high setting, and up to 8 on the on-off setting.


  • Beautiful looking
  • Great build quality
  • Changeable light colors
  • Medium-sized water tank


  • Performance could be better

PureSpa Compact

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PureSpa Compact is one of the most popular diffusers out there. Some would say that it’s the best affordable essential oil diffuser. It’s very simple to use; it features only one button. This PureSpa model deservedly has a Compact name, because the design is so well imagined that it makes it a compact and beautiful essential oil diffuser.

It has a water capacity of 100ml, which is enough to keep it running for around 7 hours. The build quality is good, but the materials seem kind of cheap. The ambient light is beautiful, and it lights the entire top-up. The colors are changeable, and it has a cycle color mode, which is the favorite for most people.

The light is gentle, so it is safe to use it as a nightlight. It’s easy to clean and maintain; its size really makes everything much easier. The scent is strong, and it can reach around 200 sq ft. It also can add a bit of moisture to the air.

The drawback is its short cord, so it has to be positioned near the outlet. The price-to-value ratio is excellent; if you look for an entry-level essential oil diffuser, this might be a good option.


  • Very compact
  • Beautiful design
  • Color changing option with the color cycle mode
  • It can be used as a nightlight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good price


  • The power cord is quite short

Greenair Spa Vapor+

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Another diffuser that should be considered if you like its design. The major part of its body is the ambient light, which is subtle and gentle. The color of the light can be changed, and it has 6 different shades. The spray nozzle is angled, so you have to face it the right way. Otherwise, it will spray the wall if it’s positioned in a corner.

The water tank can hold 150ml of water and consider the diffuser generates around 38ml of vapor per 1 hour; it runs for 4 hours. The scent is not that strong. However, it disappears soon after the diffuser is turned off.

It shouldn’t be used in a quiet room, because it can get pretty loud. Its noise level reaches up to 52 dB. It doesn’t have a large footprint, but it’s a bit bulky overall. It’s simple to use, it features only two buttons, just as most of diffusers today, one is a power button and the other is for light control.

It’s recommended to use it best in smaller rooms since it cannot produce particles small enough to stay in the air for a longer time and cover larger space.


  • Good lighting with 6 color options
  • Good price
  • Angled nozzle which can be directed as you like
  • Great for home use


  • Not so a strong scent
  • A bit noisy
  • The scent doesn’t stay in the air for long after the diffuser is turned off

What An Essential Oil Diffuser Actually Is?

To describe it in the simplest way possible, an essential oil diffuser is a device that allows the essential oil to evaporate and give the air in the room a certain scent. They are a great aromatherapy solution and can be combined with your favorite essential oil fragrance.

They can be pretty pricey, but there are also inexpensive options that can fit your budget. The most affordable option is the combination of diffusers and oils in a single package/product. They can come pretty cheap if you consider that you get the all-in-one type of deal.

You can find several types of diffusers; they vary by the way they diffuse the oil and their purpose, and of course by the brand. So, you can see diffusers for kids, ultrasonic diffusers, heat diffusers, and nebulizers. The ultrasonic ones are considered to be the best types because they don’t need the heat for the oil to evaporate.

Some of the essential oil diffusers that do use heat tend to have a negative effect on the oil, so choosing the ultrasonic ones is a safe bet. Essential oils are mixed with the water which is vibrated and vaporized into the air. Because this process doesn’t require heat, the oil’s scent stays unchanged.

A lot of people want to know the difference between the diffuser and the humidifier because both use water. The humidifier is made to be used just like that, and it’s not cheap to use it to diffuse oils. The diffuser does a much better job of diffusing oils. And if you really want the aromatherapy and the humidity in the air, it’s best just to use both of them.

Essential Oil Benefits

Essential oils have a lot of history. They were used in ancient times for a lot of purposes. They were used as a medicine, as a tool for rituals, and for aromatherapy, which is what they are used mostly for today. The benefits differ based on the types of essential oils, depending on what is used for the base of the oil.

  • Eucalyptus scented oils are good for congestion and sore muscles. It’s one of the most known scents for aromatherapy, and it can be beneficial for sinuses.
  • Lavender is also one of the most popular options. And while it is used mostly for skin irritation treatment, the essential oils scented with lavender give the room a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Peppermint is found in a lot of essential oils. And while you were able to see its use in beverages, it also increases the oxygen levels in the blood, which is why it is used for essential oils. Its scent gives the room a refreshing atmosphere.

While these are the most popular picks, there are hundreds of other scents of essential oils. Pick the scent which you like the most. Some diffusers offer a possibility to change the different oils and have in mind that even if they have the same scent, it may differ based on the brand. There are a lot of oils to choose from – see which are the best essential oils to diffuse.

Comparison Between Essential Oil Diffusers And Scented Candles

The first and probably the most important advantage of diffusers over scented candles is the possibility to choose over 100 different scents. Moreover, they are a less expensive option compared to candles, even when you take the electricity into account.

Some scented candles have health risks, while essential oils have health benefits. Even now it’s a no-brainer that diffusers are the better choice. Add to that the ability to set the timer and turn the diffuser off automatically; you won’t have to think even for a minute about what is the better option.

Essential Oil Diffuser – Important Features To Consider

Considering that there are thousands of diffusers available today, some ground rules have to be set and features compared in order to differentiate the better diffuser from the worse.

The first thing that will narrow down the search is the size of the room you want to put the diffuser in. Check the size coverage of the diffuser before getting it. There should be the estimated room size it covers listed in the description. The more coverage, the better; you can pick the one that covers even more than you need since most of them have the ability to reduce the output.

The next thing that should be considered is the water capacity and the operating time. The operating time gives you the idea of how long will the scent stay noticeable in the room. The effective way to determine how long the air of the room will stay scented is to divide the water capacity by the operating time.

Check the diffusers’ build quality as well. Some plastics can be damaged by essential oils, so diffusers that are made with cheap plastic won’t last long. Diffusers which are of higher quality are mostly made of polypropylene or some other polymer.

Ease of use is the next thing that can make the diffuser stand out. Setup should be easy, replacement of the water and oils as well, and maintenance.

The dimensions could also be important if you determined a certain spot in the room to put the diffuser on. They come in a number of different shapes and sizes.

Diffusers also have a certain noise level. Not all have the same. If you intend to use it in a quiet room, this feature might be important for you.

If a couple of diffusers come very close in all of the features above, then you can narrow the list down based on the additional features they have. Those can be a timer, auto-shutdown and ambient lighting.

Types Of Essential Oil Diffusers

Based on how they actually diffuse the essential oils, the diffusers can be found in several types. For you to get an idea of how they perform, how they work, and their pros and cons, they will be listed below.


They are considered to be the most powerful essential oil diffusers. They don’t require water or heat to diffuse the oil. Nebulizers use the atomizer to get the oil scent into the air. They can keep the continuous stream of oils in the room.

On the other hand, they can be quite expensive and quite loud. Nebulizers diffuse the oils by compressing the air and blowing it through the oil. They usually are made of wood and glass and are featured with ambient lighting.

With some models, you cannot then turn the light off, which is bad if you want to use it overnight and you don’t like the lighting while sleeping. All the nebulizer diffusers have the option to control the amount of oil being dispersed into the air. With most of them, you can control the intervals of spraying and the spraying time.


+ The oil is attached directly to the diffuser, and it’s turned on only by one switch

+ They don’t require any time to be set up

+ They are the strongest type of diffusers available

+ A lot of them come with timers


– They can be pretty loud

– They use up the oil much faster than other types

– The price-to-value ratio is not their best trait

Ultrasonic Diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers are quite similar to nebulizing ones. They do, however, use water to diffuse the oil. They are not that strong like the nebulizing diffusers because the oils are mixed with water, but they do serve as a minor humidifier. It’s important not to use citrus oils with these types because they can erode the parts.

Ultrasonic is the most popular type of them all. They feature a small tank of water where the user puts a few drops of essential oil. They don’t use heat to diffuse the oil – instead, they have a diaphragm that vibrates and makes the water and oil mix and evaporates.

They are quite silent in operation, and the scent is a bit weaker when compared to the nebulizers. They are usually made of plastic, but there are wooden options available, which tend to be pretty pricey. Their water tanks go from 100 to 500ml.

The larger the water tank is, the more it will last, and you won’t have to replace the water that often. Larger ones also come with the timer so they can be turned on and off automatically. Some are advertised as real humidifiers, but they are not. They distribute only around 1l of water over 24h.


+ A lot of options available

+ Can be used as a minor humidifier

+ Pretty affordable

+ They don’t use the heat to diffuse the oils


– Cannot be used to diffuse citrus oils

Heat Diffusers

Heat diffusers use heat to diffuse the essential oils. They function like candle burners. This way of diffusing is effective but not the best one. Actually, it’s the only type that doesn’t leave the oil’s scent intact. Heating the oils result in a slight change in their scent. They also cause the oils to evaporate quite fast.

You can see the details of the oil burner vs diffuser battle in the following article.


+ The most silent diffusers of them all

– Fast oil evaporation

– Doesn’t use electricity


– They change the scent of the oils

– No additional features are available at all

Should People With Asthma Use Diffusers?

While you might come across some claims that diffused essential oils can help you breathe easier, this is not the case. If you have asthma, you should be careful, and the ultrasonic diffusers might be the best choice you have since you will be able to control the amount of oil they diffuse.

Although, there are no specific studies that show the effects of essential oils on symptoms of asthma. But, some oils can cause breathing troubles.

How To Clean Essential Oil Diffuser

Good maintenance prevents the malfunction of the diffuser. Sometimes they break down, and usually, it’s because they haven’t been cleaned properly. Cleaning it on a regular basis is a must unless you want to end up with a broken one.

At the start, it may seem a bit complicated but it’s not that hard at all, and over time it will be much easier. The cleaning process can vary depending on the model and the type of the diffuser. But it will be worth, it because you will maintain its functionality at its best.

Use The Following Steps To Clean Your Essential Oil Diffuser

1. Fill it up to half of its water tank capacity

2. Add around 10 drops of white vinegar

3. Let it work for around 5 minutes to disperse the vinegar and clean it

4. Completely dry it out

5. Clean the tight spots and corners with a cotton stick covered with vinegar

6. Rinse it with water

7. Empty the water tank

8. Use a cloth to wipe it completely dry, and you’re done

Do this after each use. It may seem like a lot, but it’s very important. Essential oils can be corrosive to most diffusers, and leaving them uncleaned could bring you troubles. Just by leaving the diffuser uncleaned, you risk having it malfunction.

Common Problems And Troubleshooting

It Doesn’t Have Power
  • Check the power plug, make sure it’s connected to the outlet
  • Check the water levels
  • Check the power adapter; it might be the wrong one
  • Empty it completely, leave it to dry for a few days, then try to turn it on again
The Diffusion Is Weak
  • Check if it has plenty of water
  • Check the mist settings; it might be set to weak mode
  • Check the opening; it might be blocked

The water Is Hot, And The Level Is High

  • Usually, this could mean that it’s overfilled with water
  • Turn it off and make sure you unplug it from the electrical outlet
  • Empty it and let it cool down
  • Refill it with a smaller amount of water and turn it on
  • If it’s not working, it means it’s damaged due to overfilling, and it needs repair

Water Is Hot, But The Level Is Normal

  • The intake might be blocked
  • If it has anything below it, remove it
  • Hair might be stuck in the fan
  • Try the same troubleshooting technique as with the problem above

The Light Indicator Flashes But The Diffuser Don’t Work

  • It might be a factory defect
  • Try the same troubleshooting technique as with the previous two problems


Q: Can you use your oil diffuser as a humidifier?

A: There are a lot of arguments on the humidifier vs diffuser debate and which one is better. Most of the diffusers can’t be used as humidifiers. Since they disperse small amounts of water, some with large water tanks, have the humidifier option.

Q: What oils to diffuse for a cough?

A: A number of oils can be used for cough, for example, eucalyptus, cinnamon, rosemary, nutmeg, bergamot, cypress oil, thyme, geranium, peppermint, and lavender.

Q: What brand of essential oils is best?

A: Brand doesn’t always matter, that’s why it’s important to consider all the options and test them out. But, the most popular brands are doTERRA, Body Shop Essential Oils, and Now Essential Oil. If you need the details, check this article.

Q: What essential oils are good for inflammation?

A: There is a number of options, like peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, German chamomile, and spruce.

Q: What essential oil is good for sleeping?

A: Lavender and bergamot are the best oils for a good night’s sleep. They are rich in linalyl and linalool, which have relaxing properties.


Now you can see that there are a lot of options for essential oil diffusers, it comes down to what your needs are, and the possibilities. Also, it matters what are your priorities. Surely one of these ten examples will get the job done, and give you the aromatherapy you craved for. If the ASAKUKI 500ml Premium doesn’t exactly meet your needs, then take a look at some other examples which are selected out of the thousand available samples.

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