Those who suffer from various types of breathing, allergic and various other types of diseases and medical conditions would certainly find an ultrasonic diffuser to be very useful. It helps a lot in increasing the impact of aromatherapy and helps the patients to inhale the diffused particles that come in the form of essential oils and aromas. They are very popular because they help in dispersing the natural oils in the form of a mist which makes it very easy to be absorbed by the lungs. This also goes a long way in accentuating and improving the speed of recovery. There are many such brands and models of ultrasonic diffusers available in the market. In this article, we will try and have a closer look at the various reasons why it makes sense to go in for the much talked Signstek 1500ML 1.5L Ultrasonic Air Humidifier LED Color Changing Aroma Oil Diffuser.

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Short Overview

Signstek 1500ML 1.5L Ultrasonic Diffuser is very feature-rich and has quite a few specifications which apart from being interesting are also very customer friendly and offer them good value for money at all points of time. Though many customers might feel that a conventional nebulizer might be able to do the job, there are some unique features that make this diffuser special and different. It regulates the flow of oil that needs to be converted in mist drops. In many cases, nebulizers release large amounts of aroma oil which could overwhelm the user and could even reach levels of suffocation.

A Closer Look At The Specifications And Features

Signstek Ultrasonic Diffuser is an all-weather humidifier and works very efficiently in the room both during the winter and summer. It goes a long way in improving and refreshing the quality of air that is breathed by the users. This is a statement that has been shared by dozens of users and therefore it compares very favorably with the nebulizers that are very regularly used by the customers. It also works very well as a skin care product by helping the skin remain moist, supple, and clean at all points of time. Infection of the skin can also be avoided provided it is used regularly. However, it would be pertinent to point out that it works only for simple rashes and skin infections. It has been known to reduce stress because of the soothing effect that it provides. It also can be classified as a suitable device for making the entire room smell good and aromatic apart from the other medical benefits that is provided

Some More Interesting Facts

Signstek Ultrasonic Diffuser comes with a huge 1.5-liter tank and therefore is good enough for a reasonably big room. Refilling at night is a big headache that could be avoided with this device.
Any water-soluble essential oils can be used in this humidifier.
A few other features that are worth mentioning are auto-detection of water content, auto-shut-off when out of the water, ease to adjust the intensity of mist, and much more.

Technical Specifications

– It can cover an area of around 20 square meters and therefore suitable for a big bedroom or living room.
– It is made from a high-quality polypropylene material that is durable and long-lasting.
– It works on a power supply of 110 to 240 volts.
– The mist output is quite generous at 250 ml per hour.
– It can continuously run for 6 hours and is hence suitable for a night.
– It is very ergonomically designed and the white color adds a lot of style and sophistication to it.
– It comes with 7 color changes and also comes with both manual and automatically LED switch on and off.

A Few More Reasons Why It Is So Special

While quite a few of the above features could be available in many brands and models, there are a few unique takeaways as far as this brand is concerned. Here are a few of them:

For optimum results around 10 drops of water-soluble oil is enough for the entire night or day as the case may be.
The bottom compartment fills with water and this is quite normal and should not be taken as a complaint or some shortcoming with the product.

What Customers Have To Say

At the end of the day, the proof of the pudding lies in eating. Hence, the best way to judge this product is to look at what customers have to say about it. Here are a few pertinent points that customers have shared about this product.

It is well and truly a great humidifier that can encompass the entire room with its wonderful fragrance within the shortest period of time. Since it has auto-off and on facilities, it can be switched on and off depending on the specific needs and requirements.
It also has very unique top spouts which can be spun in different directions. Hence this ensures even spread of the aroma making it one of the best in its class in the market today.
It has around 60% reviews with 4 stars and above. This certainly goes a long way to prove that it has won the trust and confidence of the majority of customers. The after-sales services are also of decent standards and in most cases, problems and queries have been addressed quite satisfactorily.

A Few Issues That Need To Be Addressed

In spite of being a wonderful air humidifier, there are some grey areas that perhaps need to be taken into account. These include the quality of LED apparatuses. Though there is a feature for dimming the LED lighting system, it does not seem to work at times. This is something that needs to be addressed. Further, the time lag for delivery of spare parts is also something that could be a minor irritant for many customers.

Ultrasonic Diffuser
Ultrasonic Diffuser


However, at the end of the day, there is hardly any doubt that when looking at the various pros, cons, features, and specifications there are hardly any reasons to doubt the quality and efficiency levels of this wonderful humidifier. Signstek 1500ML 1.5L Ultrasonic Diffuser is selling like hot cakes. If you are looking for a good diffuser, then go for it. You won’t be disappointed.

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