Ultrasonic diffusers are simply some very neat gadgets that convert a combination of water and essential oils into a very fine mist. This mist has got a wide variety of applications as far as aromatherapy is concerned. Aromatherapy is simply a fancy name for an age-old alternative healing practice. Laying it out for us to understand it more clearly, aromatherapy is the practice of utilizing natural oils extracted from various plant parts such as flowers, roots, leaves, and bark amongst others so as to enhance physical as well as psychological well-being (or in simple terms, treat disease). Apparently, as research would have it, this is something that is recommended for you to be engaged in if you haven’t already started because it has been documented that the inhaled aroma stimulates the function of the brain and as such, can be used in the relief of pain, as a mood enhancer and also as a cognitive function enhancer (intelligence booster) amongst many other treatment applications.

In addition to the listed health benefits of these diffusers, perhaps all you could be having in mind is to just have a lovely fragrance floating around you and the house all day long. As such, these diffusers can be used solely as air fresheners. The very fine aromatic mist that is created by these diffusers is produced by atomizers that vibrate at a very high frequency (past the normal sound frequency that we can hear) to split the water-essential oil mixture into the smallest particles imaginable (at least to us laymen). This is where the term “ultrasonic” comes in just in case you were wondering about it. Most ultrasonic essential oil diffusers that are available also function as humidifiers and are thus very handy during the winter as they moisturize the air that is quite dry during this season.

As there are indeed numerous brands of these diffusers out there in the market, it can become a bit overwhelming for you if you are looking for an ideal diffuser to buy. This review is thus meant to shed more light on the top 5 most sought-after ultrasonic essential oil diffusers and at least act as your guide to a fulfilling purchase.

Review of the Top 5 Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers

1. Green Air® Spa Vapor Pro ~$29.50


If you are looking for an effective, quality diffuser that also simultaneously strikes a balance in terms of affordable pricing, then this is definitely for you. Retailing at around $29.50 on Amazon, the Spa Vapor Pro™ is actually an improved incarnation of the first Spa Vapor diffuser from Green Air. Notable differences albeit improvements over the first version include a significant increase in tank holding capacity as well as a more desirable exterior design.

Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers
Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers


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FeaturesUltrasonic defuser

  • Higher storage capacity and longer running time. This diffuser has an improved holding capacity of 200ml (6.76 ounces) and when filled can deliver an impressive running time of 6 full hours. It also features a wider area of coverage (sitting volume/space) than its predecessor. (Up to 400 sq ft.)
  • Virtually Silent and has an attractive refined exterior. The natural white-pearl finish blends well with any interior decor and it’s incredibly silent making it highly ideal for use in sleeping areas such as bedrooms or any other place where you value silence as gold.
  • The diffuser features 3 rotating colors (blue, green, and purple) for an inviting bedroom ambiance.
  • A fully rotatable swivel top or nozzle that easily allows for 360-degree misting action.
  • Automatic shutdown when the tank runs empty on water.
  • A single-button-for-all functionality

The Green Air Spa Vapor Pro features a massive storage tank which in turn translates into a longer running time for your diffuser. In addition, the diffuser works superbly with a good number of quality oils. The automatic shut down feature is always welcomed as it increases the shelf life of the device. Customers have largely commended the affordability of this device in the backdrop of its performance and hence, it is safe to conclude that you get good performance without ever having to run low on funds.


While the manufacturer claims the Spa Vapor Pro provides an enviable running time of 6 hours, there have been complaints of significantly shorter running times by some clients. It has been reported that the actual running time differs from the quoted time by more than an hour. This puts the running period of this diffuser a little bit into question. Furthermore, if you are used to more LED color variety, the drop to only 3 colors for the Spa Vapor Pro might feel a little inadequate.

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2. The Smiley Daisy® Aromatherapy ~$32

This essential oil diffuser is a wonderful bargain as you are provided with two key functionalities for the price of one. The Smiley Daisy Oil Diffuser also doubles up as an effective humidifier. As it had been mentioned earlier, the benefits of having a humidifier in very dry places as well as during winter or cold weather are immense. For starters, irritated throats and dry skin which are prevalent in these conditions are well relieved by the use of humidifiers. The design of this diffuser is quite sleek, to say the least, and the 2 button option settings make this device amazingly easy to operate.

Smiley Daisy Aromatherapy

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  • Highly efficient 2.4 Mhz atomizer technology which makes the diffuser unbelievably quiet. This makes it highly ideal for use in any place you value silence.
  • An automatic shutdown is also included which effectively prevents the device from being damage once the water has run out.
  • The diffuser also works as a fully functional humidifier that moisturizes the air to relieve breathing and other common cold irritating symptoms brought about by cold weather such as dry coughs, sinus irritation, nasal congestion, dry skin, etc.
  • Other than the aromatherapy that this essential oil diffuser performs, the device also does a good job of purifying or sterilizing the air from a number of pollutants such as fine dust particles, bacteria, smoke, viruses, etc. which effectively helps prevent a whole set of health problems associated with these pollutants.
  • Ambient LED lighting options.

Excellent humidifier functionality is provided by this diffuser making it a highly ideal purchase during winter or for those who live in arid country parts. In addition, the discounted Amazon price of $31.99 is a generous bargain considering the dual functionality of this device. The LED light transitions are also spectacular to watch and the good cord length allows this diffuser cum humidifier to be easily transferred from one place to another.


The diffuser doesn’t possess quite the sizable area of reach that we’ve seen with other diffusers. The water holding tank isn’t the largest either which results in lesser running time between refills.

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3. The QUOOZ® Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy ~$54.95

This diffuser has been more often than not regarded as one of the best choices for those looking forward to uttering rejuvenation, relaxation, and zero stress. It allows you to choose your favorite essential oil aromas and mix them with just nothing but normal tap water. The Lull diffuser has got an enormous water holding capacity of 200ml which pits it well against its closest rival in the storage department, the Spa Vapor Pro that we had reviewed earlier. Only 3 to 5 drops of essential oils are required by the QUOOZ Lull diffuser at full water capacity. It also posts an impressive running time of 8 hours.

QUOOZ Lull Ultrasonic Aromatherapy

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  • Mega-High Water holding Capacity. Only a few of its competitors match the 200ml water storage capacity of the QUOOZ Lull diffuser. Even so, the QUOOZ Lull still manages to squeeze an essential edge in terms of running time. Due to the Ultrasonic Aromatherapy technology on board, the running time is an impressive 8-10hrs. This technology also keeps the components of the aromatic essential oils intact and as such, you can benefit more from their positive effects on the skin. This is unlike traditional diffusers that generally produce more mist due to a heating mechanism.
  • Auto Shut Down has also been included which is an important safety feature for both the device and the user when the water has run low.
  • An innovative “Breathing” Lighting Mode is also featured which is simply characterized by the LED light dimming and brightening up at a slow comfortable pace. This has been claimed to be beneficial when performing acts such as meditation.
  • The flower-shaped exterior design is attractive and blends well with any decoration that you have in the house.

The high water storage capacity is a much-welcomed feature of this diffuser and has consequently contributed to the long-running hours. In addition, you will find out that the QUOOZ Lull diffuser is incredibly easy to install and operate; just read out the simple to-understand manual and you will be good. The attractive exterior design has been a favorite amongst many customers and the unique “breathing” LED lighting mode has been very helpful amongst those who practice meditation and breathing arts.


Perhaps the only downside to the Lull diffuser that has been reported by a number of customers, is the bit of difficulty encountered when cleaning out the diffuser. Cleaning out the motor on board the Lull might prove to be a bit hectic as oils usually stick on the diffuser’s plastic body. However, with just a cotton swab and a little bit of detergent, you will be sure to get rid of this problem.

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4. The Green Air® Spa Vapor+ Advanced ~$27.50

The Spa Vapor+ is your best bet if you are seeking an effective combination of an edgy contemporary look and solid performance. The Spa Vapor+ physical design is one of a kind as it has incorporated ceramic material. This gadget is BPA-free and it’s quite easy to acknowledge that it’s easy on the eyes, all thanks to the outer elegant exterior. You should note that the Spa Vapor+ works well with warm water and is highly ideal for use in small confined places as it does not disperse a huge oil amount.

Greenair Spa Vapor

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  • State-of-the-art ceramic disks adequately prevent the destructive effects of oil accumulation.
  • The diffuser features a 150 ml water capacity storage space and only 5 to 10 drops of essential oils are required for effective aromatherapy effects. This capacity also guarantees a maximum running time of up to 6 hours. Directional misting is also featured as a compliment.
  • An array of 6 ambient rotating LED colors are also featured. These can be selectively turned on or off.
  • Auto Shut Down for low water levels comes as a standard for this diffuser.

The Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Technology of this diffuser creates a fine aromatic oils mist that persists in the air significantly longer than those of other diffusers hence providing even far greater aromatherapy benefits. The Spa Vapor+is is also quite easy to use provided you follow the simple manual instructions to the letter. It is also interesting to note that despite, the advanced technology and fancy looks on board this diffuser, the Spa Vapor is surprisingly quite affordable with prices on Amazon marked around $27.50. The ceramic plate is an innovative feature that allows you to easily clean out this diffuser since there’s little oil build-up.


One of the very few drawbacks that this diffuser has, is its limited range of reach (only 250sq. ft) which makes it highly unfavorable for use in wide, open areas or rooms.

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5. The Botella Aromatic Ultrasonic ~$35.99


The Botella Essential Oil diffuser from Deneve® is truly a work of art as it is actually crafted from the quite delicate opaque glass as opposed to the conventional plastic you are so used to seeing. This gives this diffuser a look of sophistication and elegance. The LED colors range from cordial white to prism and their transitions are utterly breathless. If you are into Zen-inspiring serenity and the allure of the outdoors then this is the gadget for you.

The Botella Aromatic Ultrasonic

The Botella™ Aromatic Ultrasonic

Features Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffusers

  • An exquisite and innovative exterior design. The opaque glass exterior is clearly one of the stand-out features that the Botella Ultrasonic Diffuser possesses and you will soon come to appreciate the creativity and passion that design experts put in to come up with this exterior form.
  • Cross over between various exciting modes with just the press of a button. The power button on board the Botella can assist you in seamlessly changing between either “eco” mode or “full” mode. Pressing the button once engages the “full” mode where the diffuser can run up to 3 hours on full tank capacity. A maximum coverage area of about 250 sq. feet is reached in this mode. Pressing the power button for a second time engages the “eco” mode which reduces the power to the atomizer and hence allows the essential oils to be diffused for longer albeit with a much-reduced coverage area.
    Pressing the button 3 times shuts down the light but allows the mist to still stay on. The fourth time out and the device is completely shut down but the mist remarkably lingers on in your room for a further 6 hours which is indicative of a really effective atomizer.
  • The Botella is accompanied by a measuring cup upon purchase. This allows for an accurate refilling of the water tank once it runs empty. The diffuser is very silent and the effective electronics have gone a long way to eliminate any sort of vibration or unnecessary heating. It is also very user-friendly you require no expertise to install it, just the easy manual instructions will do.

The Botella Diffuser has probably one of the best creative exterior designs of any essential oil diffuser. The color transitions are remarkable and the essential oil-saving “eco” is indeed a much useful feature that the design experts have done well to include. It may be worthwhile to note that the power adapter on the Botella is universal and is compatible with USA home power outlets (110/120 Volts) as well as with those outside the USA (240 Volts). The lengthy power cord (6 feet) provides greater placing management. The Botella delivers an excellent performance as far as its atomizer is concerned. The various power modes are also another noteworthy plus.


The opaque glass exterior while beautiful is also fragile so you should ensure that caution is taken so that this diffuser does not sustain any hard falls or knocks. The 100ml water tank capacity is apparently quite small in comparison to that of other diffusers which really takes out some points from the “eco” mode because this mode would have been more phenomenal if the Botella diffuser possessed a larger tank. It has also been noted that the customer service may be occasionally unresponsive but such complaints are highly isolated so that may not be such a cause for concern.

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Essential oil diffusers are, by and large, very effective tools of aromatherapy. They can be used utterly anywhere and at any time to provide the much sought-after feelings of calmness and relief from whatever conditions may be plaguing you. With this review in mind, we can only hope that you will make an informed purchase decision that will ultimately satisfy you.

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