There is no doubt that essential oil diffusers have made it much easier to enjoy all nature has to offer. The benefits are quite astounding; they are affordable, and the best part is, that they are much safer compared to other toxic supplements available on the market. Essential oil diffusers will fill the air in your home with pure oils and a fragrance derived from nature. We describe in this article common essential oil diffuser misconceptions disapproved

However, to clearly understand the benefits, it is vital to do lots of research to avoid being misled by critiques. Just like any other product, you will always come across several misconceptions that are, several criticisms, and exaggerations. In this article, I am going to take you through common misleading misconceptions that you must watch out for whenever you are trying to purchase the product.


One of the main reasons, oil burners still exist on the market is the fact that most essential oil lovers believe that warming essential oils is the main trick behind the sweet aroma. I must confess that this, is partially true, but not necessary. The truth is, you can still get the aroma without burning the oils. What you must remember is that burning your essential oils will damage their true nature. The fact that you will be maximizing the sweet scent doesn’t mean you will be getting all the therapeutic. The main reason electric diffusers are considered the best compared to the likes of oil burners and humidifiers is the fact that they deliver the oils in their original form hence maximizing their therapeutic benefits.


There is no doubt that most essential oils give out a scent just like air fresheners. In fact, having the right mixture of oils in a diffuser might bring out a better smell than most air fresheners available in your local stores. What you mustn’t forget is that scented oils are artificially made while essential oils such as camphor, cannabis flower, and caraway oil are compounds derived from nature and delivered into your air in their original form. Unlike, scented oils, essential oils are not synthetically manufactured in chemical laboratories.


One of the worst misconceptions about essential oils is that they are toxic. One of the reasons this remains an argument is the fact that using essential oils might result in rashes on your skin. Never forget that essential oils and toxins in your body are enemies, meaning that if you are using essential oils, toxins will try to escape through your skin. Toxins escaping through your skin will automatically result in rashes. The rashes aren’t dangerous. In fact, they are a good sign that the essential oils are working. However, health experts recommend that you take a lot of water to avoid the problems since enough water in your body will help push out the toxins accumulated in your body through your skin.


Questioning if the essential oils are safe for your kids is the same way as asking if food is safe for your kids. There are foods your kids can’t eat until they reach a certain age. This fact applies to essential oils. Just like foods, there are those essential oils that aren’t safe for your kids unless used in their diluted forms as well as those that are safe. There are more than enough essential oils on the market that will work best for your kids. Here are some examples.

  • Cypress
  • Palma rose
  • Mandarin
  • Neroli
  • Pine
  • Rosalina
  • Cinnamon leaf

However, it is vital to consult with your doctors especially if your kid is too young.

Getting the best out of your essential oils requires you to use them correctly and most importantly, invest in a quality essential oil diffuser. Just like any other product, essential oils require you to follow the right steps in using them to maximize the benefits, meaning that if you use the diffuser wrongly then the chances that it will not help but harm you are high. For example, it isn’t a good idea to heat your oils if you are looking forward to maximizing the benefits. It is also not wise to let the oils touch any plastic as they will eat the plastic away.

Essential Oil Diffuser Misconceptions Disapproved
Essential Oil Diffuser Misconceptions Disapproved

In summary, an essential oil diffuser is one of the best appliances you can invest in if you love all that nature has to offer. They are affordable compared to most supplements manufactured to offer the same benefits. Unlike air fresheners, they not only fill your house with a fragrance but also gives you a chance to enjoy the therapeutic benefits, and most importantly, they help keep your body healthy and stress-free. However, just like any other product, you’ll find on the market, essential oil diffusers can’t escape a few misconceptions. What does this mean? Simple, you need to stop hearing what critics have to say and do some little research.

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