Too much heat can reduce the humidity levels in your room. The same case applies to too much cold. This can have harmful effects on living things like people, animals, and plants inside your house. As such, you will need a humidifier to remedy the situation. Humidifiers produce moisture that evens the air making everything all right. There are several types of humidifiers meant for different room temperatures.

Some work well in cold rooms and others work well in hot rooms. Chose the right type depending on what you think is right for you. Most of the time what causes the lack of moisture does not matter so long as you can release some moisture into the surrounding. These humidifiers may use different techniques but they all achieve the same goal. The question most people ask when trying to make a decision when buying a humidifier is whether they work better in a hot or cold room.

The main purpose of humidifiers is to reduce the health problems that could arise from dry air. They include respiratory problems and skin problems. These problems are caused by dry air due to heat or cold. This means that humidifiers work well in both hot rooms and cold rooms. You just have to find the right type for your room temperature.

For cold rooms, you can buy warm mist humidifiers. These work by heating the water and then releasing the steam into the air as moisture. This heating process kills all bacteria and germs thereby producing warm and safe moisture. Although they produce the safest kind of moisture, these humidifiers can pose risks for people around them, especially children. In case of accidents like the water spilling, someone can be burned. They also require regular cleaning as a form of maintenance. This warm moisture is best for unclogging blockages and relieving cold allergies that could be a result of cold.

For hot rooms, cold mist humidifiers are the best. This type of humidifier is further subdivided into two categories namely, ultrasonic humidifiers and evaporative humidifiers. Ultrasonic humidifiers work by producing sound frequencies as vibrations that in turn expel water into the room as moisture. They are more silent than evaporative humidifiers, making them ideal for babies’ rooms. They are also cheaper and they do not need electrical power to run on. Evaporative humidifiers work the same way except they work with wicks and filters to turn the water into moisture. They are louder and require external power to run on. As the name suggests, cold mist humidifiers produce cold moisture. This can be liberating and refreshing in hot rooms. They may also require regular cleaning but are much safer, especially for children and babies.

Buying a humidifier will depend on your needs. They all have different features that are meant to serve different needs. You must determine what you want to solve before going on the search for how to solve it. Using warm mist humidifiers in hot rooms will make you more uncomfortable. Using cold mist humidifiers in cold rooms will also do the same. Although both warm mist and cold mist humidifiers serve the same purpose, you should use the right humidifier in the right room if you want to achieve the highest level of comfort. There are some common features that you should for in any type of humidifier you chose to buy. They include:


Room humidifiers should be portable and small. They should be easy to carry around whenever need be. This also means that they should be easy to find a spot for in whatever room you decide to place them in. Unless you want bigger (built-in) humidifiers to serve bigger surface areas like a whole building, choose a small and portable humidifier for your room.


It is best to choose a humidifier that has a built-in humidistat. This feature should enable your humidifier to detect the moisture level in the room and shut down when there is enough moisture in the room. Too much moisture can cause health problems for you and your loved ones. If the humidifier does not have a built-in humidistat you might have to buy one and that will give you additional costs.

Independent compartments

When buying a humidifier, ensure that you look at how easily the pieces can come out independently. This will come in handy when you are cleaning your humidifier. You will have to remove the compartments one at a time (especially the water tank) and clean them before putting them back together. This is why it is important that you look into this aspect before buying a humidifier.

Additional features

Your humidifier should be able to purify water before dispersing it. Some humidifiers do not have this feature and will require that you use only mineral/distilled water. The ones with antibacterial qualities will allow you to use regular tap water without worrying about breathing in contaminated air. Some humidifiers also have LED lights to let you know the level of water in the humidifier. This can go a long way in preventing some problems like overheating when all the water in the reservoir has been used. Humidifiers should also have a timer that allows the humidifier to shut down automatically at set intervals. This will also prevent over-moisturizing the room and overheating the humidifier. You will not have to worry about shutting down the humidifier manually. You can even leave it on an entire night and sleep soundly without worrying. Most of them also have regulators that allow you to regulate the rate at which they disperse moisture into the air. Some are automatic but some are manual.

Cold Room or Hot Room?
Cold Room or Hot Room?


Both warm mist and cold mist humidifiers share most of these features. Whether you are looking to regulate the moisture in a cold room or a hot room, you should consider these features. Ultimately, humidifiers work better in both cold rooms and hot rooms. You just have to use the right type.

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