Every girl who dreams of a beautiful haircut wants it done very quickly. Spray, a special nozzle for hairdryer, works well.

Why do you need a hairdryer spout?

The device speeds up both hair drying and greatly simplifies styling. It is a universal hair dryer attachment that allows you to straighten and curl your hair, give it volume, style with a wave, and much more. With its help and ingenuity, you can achieve almost any type.

The holes disperse the hot air and make it safer for hair and scalp.

How to use diffuser the hairdryer correctly?

At present, the following types of distribution equipment are:

Important: the wrong type can constantly entangle and break your hair while not seeing the desired effect.

. Classic: It’s often part of an essential hairdryer. It is a semicircular sphere with spikes with rounded ends of medium size. Not suitable for owners of thick long hair.

. For long hair: It is different from the classic in the material from which the tops are made – in this case, it is silicone, which due to its flexibility, prevents thick and long hair from tangling.

. For quantity: Distinctive features are relatively long tops and equipped with additional holes for the airway. This combination of elements directs the main action of the spreader to the roots, allowing you to give your hair a reasonable amount. In addition, increased airflow dries the head much faster.

. For curling: This design has smaller peaks and fewer of them than the classics because the hair is doubtful about these “fingers” in a wavy shape.

. For fine hair: This distribution bed has a circular shape with a hollow centre, and all the tops are of different lengths. A diffuser like this does not thicken every hair, but it does create the appearance of these effects.

By using the right distributor, you can quickly achieve the desired results.


What can be done with a distributor

The device is highly functional. It is unlimited with one or two styles. Furthermore, some of its effects can be obvious to each other, such as straightening and curling. Girls already used to using a diffuser can create a wave on their head, the effects of natural distortion, and many other fashion designs.

If you are still a beginner in this business, you should not immediately rush to perform complex tasks. First, you need to go hand in hand with a simple style.

Necessary: Before any operation, you must first wash your hair.

How to style different hair lengths with a diffuser

One of the most straightforward options for everyone is speed style. It takes little time and does not require special skills. To create it, follow a simple algorithm:

. Bend your head down and point the hairdryer at right angles to your hair.

. Dry your hair by curling the strands one by one over the tops. In this case, must move the spout with resilient movements: either approaching or disappearing from the scalp.

. Excellent with a cold mode and a thin layer of varnish at the roots and lengthwise.

. Apply styling products to the ends and dry again in the same way. Do not forget to cool your hair with cold air after the operation.

How to curl your hair with a spreader

it would be best to buy a device with a specialized function, but you can get away with the classic option after a simple series of operations:

. Wash your hair without weighing down the ointment.

. Use a stylus mouse at the root. If you want to affect mucus, you can add gel.

. Dry your hair by turning the spreader counterclockwise. It would help if you did not tear the nozzle from the scalp.

. After drying, tilt your head down, gently loosen your hair and lift it with your fingers at the roots.

. Cool with cold air and sprinkle with varnish.

Important: When disconnecting, it is not advisable to change the direction of movement of the distributor, but if you have short hair, this action will only help you achieve the effect of a sweet mess.

How to straighten your hair with a spreader

Straightening your hair with this attachment is as easy as shooting bulbs. To do this, you need to apply your favourite styling product dry your hair and comb it as if you were using a comb. For best results, it is necessary to press the nozzle firmly while brushing.

Help: the best effect allows you to have the shampoo applied when you wash your hair, which gives your hair shine.

Basic rules for using the diffuser nozzle

Although the distributor is a reasonably safe device, there are some rules to follow when using it. For the most part, they contain basic safety requirements for the handling of electrical household appliances and some care:

. Before connecting the device to the network, ensure that the wire is straight and installed. If there is damage, you should avoid using it and contact a repairer.

. Do not grab the hand of the hairdryer with wet hands.

. Do not direct hot airflow to one area of ​​the skin for a long time. Although this nozzle spreads it rather than a hairdryer, it can overheat the scalp.

. Do not use the spreader daily. Even a mild mode with heat protection will weaken your curls over time and deprive them of their healthy shine.

. Do not turn on the appliance without supervision.

Suppose you are already tortured by trying to style correctly with a regular hairdryer and do not dare to buy attachments due to narrow focus and unprofitability, be sure to keep an eye on the distributor – in most cases. In that case, this device can make your wishes come true.

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