If you often use essential oils and you are looking for new types to try out, you ought to get your hands on a bottle of musk essential oil. This essential oil has an aromatherapeutic fragrance and has a lot of health benefits.

I use musk essential oil for meditation since its scent helps me feel relaxed and in tune with my inner self. But sometimes, I use it because it makes my skin softer and smoother. These are only a few of the many benefits that musk essential oil provides, read on to know more about musk essential oil.

What is Musk Essential Oil

Musk Essential Oil

Musk essential oil is a pure form of oil that was originally derived from the sexual glands of the Himalayan musk deer. I know it may sound weird, but musk oil is also mixed with a variety of ingredients that gives it a distinctive yet not overpowering smell.

However, most musk oils today are no longer get from animals. Musk oils available in the market today are made synthetically with a mixture of other oils. Some of these oils include Frankincense essential oil, Myrrh essential oil, Ambrette seed oil (otherwise known as Musk Seed Oil), Patchouli essential oil, Rose petal essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil, Amber oil, and Jojoba oil or Sweet Almond oil.

Another amazing thing about musk oil is that has been used for medication during ancient Indian times. It is often used to cure coughs, fever, palpitations, mental problems, heart disease, and even nervous disorders.

Aren’t you impressed with this essential oil yet? When I first heard about it and did some research on it I was astounded by the number of health benefits that this essential oil has. I even remembered thinking this could be the only essential oil I will ever need.

So without additional ado, here are the benefits of using musk essential oil:

1. It can be used for body odor

body odor

Musk essential oil has a distinct fragrance that gives off a natural scent unlike other perfumes available in the market today. Because of its fragrant scent, it can be used as a powerful deodorant. The scent of musk essential oil easily covers up any smell that comes from sweat or body odor.

I, myself, have tried using musk essential oil as a deodorant, and I think I might continue to use it over typical deodorants that I can buy at our local grocery store. I prefer using it because It has fewer chemicals than mass-produced deodorants. Additionally, when it comes to the body, reducing the chemicals you put in it can never do you harm.

2. It makes for a great lotion alternative

If you constantly use lotion to moisten and soften your skin, you should try using musk essential oil instead. Musk essential oil is safe for adult skin, which means you can add a generous supply over your skin without having to worry about any side effects.

I like using musk essential oil instead of lotion because it feels lighter than thick lotions. What’s more is that, unlike lotions, essential oils do not feel sticky when it’s humid outside.

It also smells a lot better than other lotions and its scent can last for hours, leaving me with moisturized and nice-smelling skin. What’s more, is that it also makes for an excellent insect repellent.

3. It can be used for colds

Musk essential oil has an anti-inflammatory activity which makes it a great cure for colds. When you have a cold, the tissues inside your nostrils are inflamed, making it feel all itchy and causing you to sniff and sneeze.

Smelling some musk essential oil can help reduce the inflammation of the tissue in your nose because it acts as a great antihistamine. I have tried this one for myself, and I can say that it does work.

Next time you have a cold, try spreading a dab of musk essential oil just below your nose. It will surely help you breathe better.

4. It keeps your digestive system on track

If you are having some problems with digestion, then musk essential oil could be the cure you need. Stomach aches and dyspepsia can easily be cured with musk essential oil.

All you’ll have to do is apply a generous amount of it on your tummy, and rub it out until the pain goes away. And since musk essential oil is safe for your skin, you can always re-apply it throughout the day if the stomach aches come back. Not only will your tummy be ache-free, but it will also have soft and good-smelling skin.

5. It can relieve body spasms

Another interesting use of musk essential oil is for treating spasms. Spasms are uncontrollable tremors or seizures that can occur all throughout the body.

Just apply some musk oil over the parts of your body that have spasms and wait until it goes away. It also acts as a great antispasmodic that can awaken people who have lost consciousness.

If you’re a physically active person, I suggest you bring a bottle of musk essential oil during your physical activities, so that you will be prepared when you have a spasm attack.

6. It can be used for rheumatism

Rheumatism is a condition where different parts of the body including the joints, muscles, or any fibrous tissue experiences inflammation and pain. Since musk essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it can easily make rheumatism pains go away. A generous amount of musk essential oil evenly spread over your painful body part will surely relieve your rheumatism.

This can be really great for older people who suffer from rheumatism. You should try giving some musk essential oil to your older loved ones since rheumatism usually occurs in older adults. However, you should always apply this oil with caution. Try checking for certain allergies before giving this to someone else.

7. It can be a great pain killer

If you suffer from muscle pains caused by strenuous workouts or certain physical activities, then having a bottle of musk essential oil will do you wonders. As I’ve mentioned before, musk essential oil can relieve all sorts of pain because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

If you’re suffering from muscle pain, just apply some musk essential oil over the sore parts of your body and wait until the pain resides. I for one actually use musk essential oil for muscle pains, which is why I always take a small bottle with me whenever I go hiking, cycling, or whenever I’m about to do vigorous physical activity.

8. It can be used to treat open wounds

If you think musk essential oils have enough benefits, then you’ll be surprised when you find out it can even cure any type of injury. Musk essential oil can be used as an antiseptic that can effectively treat animal bites, deep wound cuts, or the typical itch.

Ever since I found out that musk oil can be used as an antiseptic, I have always brought a bottle with me in all my travels. It also stings less than rubbing alcohol antiseptics, which makes it great for treating kids’ wounds.

However, when applying musk essential oil to wounds, you must use a clean applicator or at least, make sure that your hands are clean before you spread it onto your wound.

9. It can prepare you for meditation

As I have mentioned at the beginning of this article, I personally like using musk essential oil for meditation. Musk essential oil has an aromatherapeutic scent that can quickly soothe nerve inflammation. This means that when you get to smell musk essential oil, your body and mind will feel more relaxed.

Since relaxation is the key to meditation, having some musk essential oil can help you get in the zone during meditation. I spread a small amount of musk essential oil just below my nose before I meditate so that whenever I breathe in, I will feel more relaxed as its scent enters my nose.

10. It can give you better sleep and good dreams

Since musk essential oil can make your body feel extremely relaxed, it can rid you of any negative feeling that makes you anxious. This means that if the effects of musk essential oil take place before you sleep, you might just end up with sweet and pleasant dreams.

To have good dreams, try massaging your temples with musk essential oil for a couple of minutes before you sleep. Doing so will ensure the complete relaxation of your mind and body, therefore leaving you with a good night’s rest.

Using Musk Essential Oil

If you liked the effects of musk essential oil that I have mentioned above, then you should go to your local essential oil shop and get yourself a bottle. If you like the scent of other essential oils, you can also mix it with musk essential oil. I for one sometimes add drops of eucalyptus essential oil to my musk essential oil to add a somewhat minty fragrance.

If you relished reading this article and would like to read more just like it, please leave us your feedback in the comment box below. Until next time, enjoy!


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