Oil perfume; how to make it at home? Composition and components of perfume oil. Recipes, stages of preparation, storage rules, and features of using an oil-based perfume. Homemade oily perfumes are perfumes characterized by enviable durability; they fill quickly enough, can be based on very complex composition, and can correspond to the most refined taste.

Composition and components of oil perfume

When creating a perfume, you can use your imagination and try to experiment, taking into account the accepted rules. The composition of such a perfume includes a base, a defatted, odorless vegetable oil, for example, jojoba, almond, apricot pits, peach, etc. (Usually 9 parts), and a combination of a blend of essential oils. (1 piece).

The classic scent contains three phases (notes), which are determined by fluctuations:

  • Top (“head”) … Lasts 5–20 minutes. The first impression determines whether you like the smell or not. Rosewood, lemon, orange, mint, and bergamot suit her.
  • Medium (Hart) … It takes 20-60 minutes. It connects the lower and upper notes, gradually opening up and revealing new tones and semitones. You can take geranium, rosemary, violet, thyme, jasmine, ylang-ylang, and palmarosa.
  • Lower (‘base’) … Continuous up to 8 hours. The longest phase. It creates a general impression of the perfume, often fixing the fragrance. Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, and patchouli will do.

You should have various components in your arsenal to get the necessary combination with different swings. The main thing is that success meets your requirements for your favorite scent.

Oil-based perfume recipes

Many women are wondering how to make oil perfume. It may seem that this is a time-consuming activity that requires special knowledge and skills. But a beginner can also cope with this; the main thing is to have the right components and materials.

A romantic scent recipe

Creating a unique perfume that emphasizes your exclusivity is a fascinating process. It can provide positive energy and an excellent mood for a long time. Unique feelings are caused by preparing compositions that stimulate sense and desire.

Oil perfume recipes for romantic purposes:

  • “Magic fragrance”… Suitable for passionate people looking for love. You should take jojoba oil (10 ml), pour 5 drops of coriander and bergamot, 3 drops of neroli and rose, and finally 1 drop of jasmine “e.
  • “Fleur c “rm”… Leaves an enchanting aftertaste. Take 10 ml of softened almond oil as a base, ad” a “h” art” note – ylang -ylang (7 drops), then 3 drops of verbena, clove, and sandalwood, 5 each – benzoin and lemon, 14 each – roses and Nero “i.
  • “Aphro” te”… Such a perfume is the weapon of a sensual and mature woman. The base is sweet almond oil (10 ml). Also in the composition – 3 drops of rosewood and ylang -ylang oils, 1 each of rosemary and Japanese mint, 4 – grapefruit, 2 – geranium” m.
  • “Irresistible m “ho”… A perfume for a confident young man. Almond oil (5 ml) should be taken as a base. Also in the composition – essential oils of cedar (7 drops), patchouli (4 drops), bergamot (3 drops), and rosemary (1 dro”).
  • “Exciting smell of m “ey”… It evokes a feeling and contributes to improved material well-being. The base is 5 ml of almond oil. It contains patchouli oil (7 drops) and cedarwood oil (5 drops”).
  • “Tempta” on”… Leaves a light sensual touch, emphasizing charm. Add 1 drop of ylang-ylang, cedarwood, lime, clary sage, lemon, frankincense, lavender, and 2 drops of patchouli to jojoba oil (5 m”).
  • “Beautiful” ve”… Shadows femininity, gives mystery and attraction. The carrier is jojoba oil (25 ml). Ingredients: ylang-ylang (15 drops), rosewood (8 drops), 5 drops each of palm rose, jasmine, bergamot, sandalwood, mandarin oils, plus 4 drops of vanilla and 2 drops of musk.

When you go out on a dataset’s nice to know that the oil-based perfume contains only self-selected natural ingredients, there is no need to worry about someone repeating the recipe. You “and “bad” nice” the aroma yourself, guided by your preferences, and the accuracy of the ratio of ingredients here is very conditional.

How to make natural oil perfume

A well-chosen sensual perfume plays an irreplaceable role woman’s life. He makes it possible to become more confident, attracts attention, and can even seduce. But there is also a significant role of aromatic compounds that unite us with nature, reminding us of its beauty and uniqueness.

These are the recipes below. You can use 10 ml of jojoba, coconut (broken), or almond oils as a base.

Natural recipes “s:

  • “Happy Nove” er”… A natural fragrance with distinctly sweet ingredients. Components – essential oils of ylang-ylang (3 drops), lime (9 drops), lavender (6 drops). If desired, you can increase the sweetness with a few vanilla Crysta” s.
  • “Fresh “nd”… The enveloping float is designed for fast and light young people. The heart of the composition is rose (7 drops), a long trail is provided by sweet orange (15 slides), and the top note is lemon (7 drops). Mix the oils in the order shown and enjoy.
  • Flower. The composition has a rich summer flower smell, which can change by choosing the ratio of the components. Essential oils in the design – ylang-ylang (2 drops), lavender (5 drops), geranium (9 drops), plus 2 drops of sandalwood or patchouli” i.
  • Spicy… Combines exciting citrus and spicy notes to boost energy. As ingredients, take the oils of ginger, cinnamon, and patchouli (2 drops each), ylang-ylang (4 drops), and mandarin (8 drops”).
  • “Smell of Chris” as”… It evokes a feeling of winter freshness and memories of a magical holiday. Ingredients – essential oils of ginger and patchouli (2 drops each), cinnamon (4 drops), blood orange (10 slides).

When choosing a recipe to your taste, remember that there are no universal aromas. Particular sensitivities characterize every person. What pleases one person may not suit another. Finding exclusive notes is impossible without creativity and experimentation.

Steps to make oil perfume at home

When starting an undoubtedly fun creative process, you should take a responsible approach to search and selecting a suitable perfume recipe. It is essential to prepare all the ingredients – base oil and necessary fillers- and a bottle of the required amount (preferably made of dark glass).

Stages of ointment making:

  • I was filling the bottle with the bottom.
  • Add essential oils drop by drop according to the recipe—first, the components of the base note, then the middle and the top.
  • The addition of each ingredient is followed by shaking the mixture. At the end of the process, the composition must also be surprising.
  • Place the bottle in a dark place for infusion, which can take anywhere from 2 days to 1 month, depending on the original formulation.
  • During the infusion process, it is recommended to shake the perfume regularly.

Experts note that ointment making is akin to high art. Here it is essential to know not only the properties of the components but also the peculiarities of their coordination in one composition. But it is possible to find the taste using proven recipes and production recommendations.

Storage rules for perfume compositions

When making oily perfumes at host only fair to wonder how long they last. It is worth proceeding from logical considerations here: if even one of the components has a shelf life, for example, a month, and all the others – more than a year, it is clear that after a month, the composition can lose its properties.

But this is not always the case because manufacturers often indicate a minimum period, even after an ingredient can retain its properties. Perfume over time, “an “open” up,” and acquire new ones. Of course, if their smell has changed beyond recognition, it causes rejection, and sediment has appeared. It is better not to use them anymore. It is essential to store it properly to extend “the “life” of the composition.

Storage recommendations for perfume with oil:

  • It is unacceptable to have perfume in the light. Even if it is tempting to decorate the dressing table with the original bottle, you should not do this; the fragrance’s composition cannot change for the better. A dark place and dark glass are ideal storage options.
  • It is essential to avoid temperature. Do not use both the refrigerator and a too-hot room. A wardrobe in the bedroom is a good choice for perfume.
  • Keep the air away from the assembly. The tightly sealed bottle protects the fragrance from unwanted changes.
  • Do not store perfume in a place constantly being opened and closed, such as a purse or makeup drawer. Constant movement or vibration of the air damages it.
  • Do not leave perfumes in the bathroom – high humidity and temperature changes negatively affect them.

Attention to the shelf life of all the composition components being made and recommendations for storage are essential rules to follow. But the scent can also change under the influence of other factors.

It is important to remember that the perception of perfume is distorted by stress, increased nervousness, and tension. It also depends on the season, ambient temperature, and even your mood. The aroma can just be tedious and annoying. The main thing is to figure out the reason in time and correct the situation.

Oil perfume
Oil perfume

How to use an oil-based perfume

Using such spirits requires a specific skill. It is essential that they start with your dignity and not provoke others. It is better not to apply at all than to apply incorrectly. Strong odors can cause headaches, nausea, irritation, and nervousness. Therefore, it is essential to follow proven recommendations.

Rules for using an oil-based perfume composition:

  • Apply one drop to the measured area with clean skin or damp hair. You should “or “ill” yourself, such as applying to clothes, as you can “et “gr “as” stains.
  • The scent combination will be appropriate on the temples, neck, wrists, and elbows, between the breasts, collarbones, and under the knees. The smell of perfume worn behind the ears can be distorted as many sebaceous glands appear. Should use not all points for inconspicuous skills in a public setting, but 2-3.
  • It is advisable to have different perfumes suitable for use at other times of the day and year, in different situations and moods. In hot weather, the scent is more robust. Upon movement, it opens.
  • On the eve of a close date, you can drip perfume on the places of expected kisses – on the chest, lower abdomen, back, ankles, etc.
  • If your skin is dry, use the fragrance more often than oily, which will last longer.
  • The ideal is a perfume that you stop smelling shortly after use.
  • Avoid applying oil formulations on jewelry. They can lose their shine and color.
  • Do not use cosmetics and hygiene products with strong fragrances. They can distort the scent of perfume.

Remember that food has a significant influence on the taste character. The seasoned meat gives it bitterness. Fresh fruits and berries will increase flowers. Middle notes are enhanced with alcohol. Medicines and cigarette smoke change the smell of perfume unpredictably. Different perfume compositions are perceived differently by other people. It depends on lifestyle, age, skin type, etc.


The world of exquisite fragrance has always attracted people. Everyone experiences a pleasant feeling from the subtle smell of themselves and others. The language of the spirits is surprisingly eloquent. It allows you to emphasize individuality, refine your appearance, and reflect your character. Originality and its exclusive ability are what self-made perfume composition from the oil can provide.

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