Essential oil diffuser help to increase your energy, relax and sleep, elevate your mood, increase your energy, act as pain relief, and help you to breathe easier among many other benefits. The fact is, this device is very much beneficial to us.

How an essential oil diffuser works

An essential oil diffuser works by breaking down the essential oil into minor and small particles after which it scatters it into the air. When you take in the air around you, the essential oil in the air that you inhale has so many benefits to the whole body. However, you should ensure that the diffuser, as well as the essential oils, are of top quality because low-quality oils contain harmful chemicals and synthetics that can harm the body.

While the list of uses for essential oil diffusers is extensive, there are certain mistakes that are often committed when buying and using and they are worth looking at.

Common mistakes when buying an essential oil diffuser

1. Being unaware of the quality of the diffuser

This is a common mistake that is committed by most shoppers. The failure of a buyer to check the quality of the diffuser in terms of its ability to work efficiently and longer is very strange. The quality of this device determines how well it will serve you. Some essential oil diffusers only work with specific oils which can be very disastrous if you would like to try out different types of essential oils.

2. Not checking the features of the device

Buying what pleases the eye is a shopping disease that has affected almost every shopper. Most shoppers fail to check the main features of the diffuser such as its capacity and size before purchasing it. Due to the aroma and therapeutic nature of essential oil diffusers, some have a special feature that helps with mood changes and aid in pain relief. Checking such features is very important.

3. Capacity and size

The size of the room where you intend to use the diffuser determines the size and the capacity of the diffuser that will best suit you. For example, electric essential oils diffusers are ideal for larger areas while a candle heat diffuser can only cover a smaller room.

4. Buying an oil diffuser because it is cheap

While this does not mean that all cheap items are of lower quality but most manufacturers who sell their products at lower prices usually have some hidden reasons for doing so. The units may have some operational flaws or they are made using cheaper materials that do not last long. However, this does not mean that you bankrupt yourself in order to acquire the most expensive essential oils diffuser in the market, just ensure you do your market research before purchasing one. You can get a referral from a friend, relative or colleague who uses one.

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5. Buying a brand

This is one of the biggest mistakes that one can make when buying an essential oils diffuser and so many people have been victims of this. As a result, one experiences numerous frustrations as a big brand of any device does not mean that it is the best.

Common mistakes when using an essential oil diffuser

1. Not following the user guidelines

Most people do not follow the guidelines stipulated in the user manual. This jeopardizes the operation of the diffuser and will yield negative results. Therefore, one should carefully read the user manual that comes with the device and follow each and every detail.

2. Making assumptions on the oil as well as the diffuser

The diffuser is the medium that helps to diffuse the oil and aroma into the air, the essential oil is the real deal, and using the wrong or low-quality oils on a good diffuser has its consequences. As stated above, some diffusers only work with specific oil, hence care should be taken to prevent damage.

3. Maintaining an essential oil diffuser properly

It is very important to properly clean the diffuser on a regular base. While this can be a challenge at first, you will get used to the maintaining process with time and you will be maintaining it yourself instead of paying someone to do it for you at a charge of course.

It is a big hassle to send the diffuser just to be cleaned and it is even a bigger problem if it gets broken while being cleaned or it is not cleaned properly.

The cleaning process and the steps to follow vary from one diffuser to another but they are outlined in the user manual. Therefore, you should first read the manual so that you are aware of how to maintain it for the best functionality and effective diffusion of aromatherapy.

Be very careful when cleaning, changing the filters, and draining the water especially if it is a portable diffuser as it can easily drop and break. Also, if you clean it wrongly, it can lead to certain health problems such as a congested nose and dry skin.

4. Not cleaning after each use

Most manufacturers state that you should clean the diffuser after each use which may seem a bit extensive. Only a few people clean it after every use and they also fail to do it as instructed in the user manual leaving the essential oil and water mixed up in the diffuser.

You should always clean it after every use because the essential oil is very corrosive, also cleaning it after every use ensures better performance and longevity of the device.

The leftovers and the smell of the oil can affect you, you will also not have the aroma you are looking for when you put another oil or scent in the diffuser.

Therefore, after every use, empty the diffuser off all oils and water and clean up than dry it up with a soft and dry cloth.

 essential oil diffuser
essential oil diffuser

In conclusion, the above mistakes that people make when buying and using an essential oil diffuser can certainly be sorted out. A user should have the desired discipline as well as patience so that this unit performs best and lasts longer.

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