During winter, the air may become dry and become a health hazard. Some of the problems caused by dry air include itchy skin and parched respiratory systems. These problems can be laid to rest by using a humidifier. Humidifiers release a cloud of invisible moisture into the air, keeping it humid. However, humidifiers can become a serious health hazard if not well maintained. The following tips should help your humidifier filters in tip-top condition.

Change water daily

Stagnant water may breed spores and bacteria which may be dangerous to your health. The spores and bacteria will also be churned out into the air you breathe, causing health disasters in your house. For this reason, you should change the water in the humidifier every day. Drain the reservoir of the humidifier each day and fill it up with clean fresh water. Remember to clean the reservoir before adding fresh water.

Use distilled water

Tap water just won’t do for humidifiers. This is because it contains chemicals and minerals which may encourage the growth of bacteria in them. In addition, the chemicals may be harmful to your health when inhaled. Some of the chemicals may react with the humidifier filters; thus, hampering their effectiveness. It is; therefore, advisable to use distilled water. Distilled water is nothing but pure water. There will be no risk of inhaling any chemical released into the air from the humidifiers. Besides, distilled water leaves no traces of particles in the humidifiers. It is; therefore, easier to clean the filters since they are already clean. When using humidifiers, ensure you have a sufficient stock of distilled water. This will help you avoid the temptation to fill up the machines with tap water.

Regular cleaning

One easy way to maintain your humidifier filters is to lean them regularly. After every few days, take the humidifier apart and clean all its components. Use a soft brush to clean the inside of the reservoir. A mild cleanser can get the job perfectly done. For the exterior of the unit, use a clean wet cloth. Carefully wipe the external parts and allow them to dry before refilling it with fresh distilled water. If you take too long before cleaning the unit, a layer of dirt will start accumulating on its components. This may eventually make it difficult for you to make it clean. The humidifier is an essential component of the house, so it requires special attention. Cleaning it regularly also reduces the rate of tear and wear. The unit may serve you for a longer time as you attend to other issues.

Clean every surface in the house

It is also important to keep every surface in the house clean. This is especially so for the surfaces next to the humidifier unit. Dust particles settling on these surfaces may also find their way to the parts of the humidifier. So, as you keep the humidifier filters clean, the entire house should also follow suit. Consequently, you need to take time to clean the entire house. Wipe all the surfaces clean to ensure that your humidifier unit is in a clean environment. Dust particles in the house may combine with the mist issued by the humidifier and you may inhale it. This will cause problems to your respiratory system. You may involve family members in the house-cleaning program. Alternatively, if you can spare some cash, you may enlist the services of professional home cleaners for better results.

Replace old humidifier filters

Your humidifier filters may be too old. Consequently, they may not be as effective as is expected of them. Don’t think twice about replacing them with brand new ones. When the humidifier filters are too old, it becomes difficult to clean them. It will be more costly to maintain old filters than purchasing new ones. This is because they may constantly break down and malfunction at the slightest opportunity. Though it may cost you to replace humidifier filters, it is worth the trouble. Remember to buy those filters from reputable stores that sell genuine parts. Avoid going for cheaper alternatives – they may be very expensive in the long run. Find out if they offer warranties and after-sale services. If they are not willing to commit themselves, forget about them.

Use natural cleaning solutions

If there are any asthmatic members in the family, you will need to avoid using chemical cleaners for your humidifier filters. Some people have sensitivities to various chemicals while others may just be allergic. Chemicals may leave odors that may aggravate the symptoms of asthma and allergies. Instead of using chemical cleaners, go for natural cleaning agents such as natural white vinegar. The vinegar disinfects surfaces and removes all odors from machines. It also helps to prevent minerals building up on the humidifier filters. You will need to stock up on natural white vinegar because you will need it to regularly clean your humidifier unit.

Maintain Humidifier Filters
Maintain Humidifier Filters

Use anti-germ agents

Many factors around the house and the humidifier filters may combine to give rise to germs. These include pets, such as cats and dogs which may move around the house and come into contact with surfaces. People may also move around touching surfaces with germ-infested hands. This is especially the case for those who don’t properly wash their hands after a visit to the washroom. The water being filled into the humidifier may also contain pathogens. It is; therefore, important to fit humidifier filters with anti-germ agents in order to keep them safe. These agents will kill any pathogens lingering in the water or on the surface of the filters before they can cause harm to the members of the house.

Follow the instructions in the manual

Before embarking on the cleaning process, remember to carefully read the manual that came with the humidifier unit. The unit contains delicate parts that require careful handling. Read the manual to find out the dos and don’ts associated with these machines. When in doubt, you may need to consult experts in your area.


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