Nettle oil; is used cosmetic? How is it made? Benefits of the drug, contraindications, and potential harm. How to make a product at home? Application methods, with honest reviews.

Nettle oil is a valuable natural product valued in cosmetology for its rich composition. It contains amino acids, flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals. It is used to support and revitalize the skin and strengthen the hair. The most important thing is to use a proven product, including homemade products. Knowing the main ways to use it and following all the rules is also essential.

What is nettle oil Good For?

This plant has the most valuable properties due to its unique composition. However, it contains almost no fat – only 0.23 g per 100 g, so it is impossible to get nettle oil for hair, face, and body by direct extraction. Useful substances are extracted from raw materials. It means that the nettle is crushed, dried, and the extract is obtained with water, alcohol, or oil.

The third option is the most interesting: the oil product is made based on dry leaves and essential vegetable oil. In this case, the product is additionally enriched. In addition, manufacturers can vitaminize cosmetic products. Therefore, the value of a particular oil depends on its composition.

What exactly can be found on the internet itself?

  • Organic acids – pantothenic, formic, bile;
  • Chlorophyll;
  • Minerals;
  • Carotenoids;
  • Phytoncides;
  • Vitamins B2, K, and C;
  • Protein.

The use of such a product is extensive. The healing properties of nettle oil help restore both beauty and health.

What is the use of the tool?

  • Reduce inflammation in the skin due to the antiseptic properties of the burning plant;
  • Good cleansing of the epidermis due to the tannins and acids contained in the grass;
  • Preserving and prolonging youth is an excellent antioxidant;
  • Improve blood microcirculation, accelerate hair growth;
  • Provide cells with oxygen;
  • Elimination of dryness and roughness of the skin;
  • Faster healing of cuts and wounds;
  • Slow on gray hair;
  • Stopping hair loss;
  • Fights dandruff.

The product’s nutritional composition is such that nettle oil’s benefit will be at almost any age. Even teenagers have to deal with skin problems – rashes, irritation, etc., dandruff is also overcome early enough, behind hormonal changes, and sometimes hair falls out. So at a young age, you can already use such a device.

As you age and then age, other troubling phenomena appear as dullness and dryness of the skin, early wrinkles, brittle strands, and loss of a healthy complexion. These and other problems are easier to overcome if you buy nettle oil.

Contraindications and harm of nettle oil

This product is natural, so the body usually perceives it well. The exception is allergy and individual intolerance to the components. Women can use the oil even during pregnancy and breastfeeding if the doctor approves.

But before using nettle oil, you must ensure that she is not allergic to it. Ideally, a test should be performed before first use. For this, oil is applied to the wrist or elbow bend. Reactions are then monitored. You can use the remedy if the body does not ring the alarm.

It is not recommended to use nettle oil in case of increased blood coagulation or kidney failure.

How to make nettle oil at home?

Although you can buy a product at a pharmacy or beauty store that will benefit your body, face, and hair, sometimes it’s interesting to experiment on your own. To make nettle oil at home, you first need to take care of the ingredients.

Of course, such a plant is not uncommon; nevertheless, it must be harvested with knowledge of the matter:

  • Get out of town, away from industrial and car emissions;
  • Find a bush of bright green color;
  • Choose whole and beautiful stems and leaves.

You also need vegetable oil as a base. The ideal choice is olive oil. It is better if it is a cold-pressed product. But you can even take regular sunflower oil.

Before making oil from nettle, the plant is ground in a blender. The resulting porridge is transferred to a glass jar. The capacity is chosen so that the focus takes up two-thirds of it. The vegetable mass is poured with oil. It is necessary to fill the container up to the neck: no air should be left in it.

Now you need to put the workpiece in a dark place. Avoid exposure to sunlight. Please wait until the nettle gives color to the oil: it turns dark, and the turbidity fades.

Methods of using nettle oil in cosmetology

Homemade face, body, and hair products can be made with essential oils, homemade products, or a complex remedy with burning plant extracts. The following are the most successful programs.

Nettle oil for face

To preserve youth and beauty, you can take the most straightforward route. Nettle oil for the face is added to the usual cream. Up to 4 drops of the product will be enough, but the amount depends on the jar’s volume. Then, with regular use, the miracle concentrate will do its job daily.

Alternatively, you can start each day by washing and cleansing with this product. With antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, healing, and tonic properties, the oil will awaken and nourish the cells and maintain natural beauty. It is placed on a plate, soaked in warm water, and wrinkled, after which the procedure is carried out in the usual way.

How choose a recipe with nettle oil depends on the condition of the epidermis:

  • If the skin is problematic, there is a rash; you can treat inflamed areas and acne.
  • To fight rashes effectively and as a preventive measure, you can prepare a cleansing cream: 1/2 tbsp. Vodka mixed with 1/2 tbsp. Add 4 tablespoons of water. Oils. After the drug has been administered for a week, problem areas are treated with it. The cream is drying, so it is contraindicated for girls with dry skin. It is generally only used if there is a problem or tendency to break out!
  • Owners of oily skin can make a compress: moisten a napkin in oil, and put it on the forehead, chin, and cheeks. The procedure takes 10 minutes. You can repeat it daily.
  • If the face has withered, the skin has become dry and lifeless; with gentle movements, the oil is applied to the surface of the epidermis. You can walk for up to 35 minutes like this, remove the excess with a decorative napkin, and wash with warm water.

Nettle oil for body

Due to the most valuable properties of nettle oil, its use is so extensive that it is possible and necessary to keep a bottle at home to solve the most unexpected problems. For example, the liquid will help with the appearance of wounds and cuts. It is treated with damaged areas to remove germs and speed up healing.

It will be helpful to use nettle oil as an additive in the cream, not only for the face but also for the hands and feet. Alternatively, it is infused with a lotion.

Suppose the handles are weathered, or the heels are hardened. In that case, you can prepare a magical assembly by taking the following components:

  • 1 tablespoon of glycerin from the pharmacy;
  • 1 tablespoon nettle oil;
  • 1 teaspoon macadamia oil;
  • 1 teaspoon Aloe Vera juice;
  • 10 drops of orange essential oil.

The ingredients are mixed to make the mass homogeneous. Can apply it to both hands and feet. To prevent deterioration, the product is stored in a refrigerator.

It is exciting that you can use nettle oil to remove body hair. To do this, you must prepare such a remedy:

  • Crush fresh nettle seeds (4 g).
  • Add 100 g of vegetable oil.
  • Put the mixture in a dark and cool place for 1-1, 5 months.

Then the oil is filtered, and it is ready for use.

Now you have to apply the product daily to areas with unwanted hairs. After the oil is used, it is left for an hour, and then the residue is wiped off. As a rule, it is almost entirely absorbed by this time. Must repeat the procedure twice a day. Nettle seed oil slows hair growth. Gradually, they stop growing altogether, as the drug directly affects the follicles.

Nettle oil
Nettle oil

Nettle oil for eyelashes

Many girls dream of beautiful eyes, open and expressive. Their appearance depends not only on color and cut but also on the condition of the cilia. Some are naturally scarce; others lose their first data due to stress and other destructive factors.

Nettle oil will be beneficial for eyelashes, especially when combined with burdock. These two liquids contain maximum ingredients that nourish, strengthen and restore hair.

The product is applied to the upper movable eyelid near the lash line; it can also apply it to the eyebrows. Comb through the lashes and brows from the center to the tip using a mascara brush. Excess is removed; the product is left for 1-2 hours. Then it remains to wash in the usual way.

You can do a 30-day course on daily habits. But after that, a break is needed.

Nettle oil for hair

This invaluable product will be helpful not only for cilia. Thanks to the application of nettle oil on the hair will also have immense benefits. To strengthen them, you can make the following mask: 2 tbsp. l. oil, take a pinch of sea salt. After the ingredients are mixed until smooth, the composition is applied to damp hair. The mask is left on the strands for 10-15 minutes. After use should, wash the oil thoroughly with sea salt. This combination helps to nourish the roots and restore the hair along its length.

A hair mask with nettle oil will be effective if you add more peppermint oil and yogurt. It will be enough about 100 g of fermented milk product (you can take kefir). It is mixed with oils, which are taken one tablespoon at a time.

Such a mass is distributed over the entire scalp and should not forget the ends. Then they put on a shower cap or bag and wrap themselves in a towel. You can leave the mask on for up to half an hour. The hair will be alive; it will grow better.

It should bear in mind that nettle oil for hair, according to reviews, makes the color more saturated. Therefore, it is ideal for dark-haired girls. But blondes better experiment carefully!

For hair, you can also use ready-made beauty products with nettle oil:

  • Hair oil “Nourishment and strengthening,” Crimean Natural Collection, with a complex of vitamins A and E and nettle extract … Such a tool helps to strengthen and restore almost all curls, regardless of their condition. It is used even after coloring and perm; quite reasonable to rely on high performance. Since this is a valuable complex of castor, olive, and corn oils. Wheat germ oil is added to them. If you add nettle extract to all this wealth, you can already imagine how useful the product was. But the manufacturer also introduced essential oils of lavender, mint, rosemary, juniper, sandalwood, rosemary extract, and vitamin A and E.
  • Infusion of nettle oil … This device is widely used. In this case, the benefits of nettle are added to the valuable substances contained in grape seed oil.
  • Aromashka “Nettle and Rosemary Oil” strengthening hair is another complex benefit that is difficult to assess. It contains oils of coconut, shea, jojoba, macadamia, sasanqua. In addition to nettle extract, rosemary and horse chestnut quotes are added. In addition, the product is enriched with essential oils. Unlike the above compositions, the price, in this case, “bites.”

An honest critique of nettle oil

After getting acquainted with such a valuable product, it will be helpful to read reviews of nettle oil to conclude whether it is worth experimenting with. Of course, everyone has their own experience; there are negative and positive reactions. Sometimes disappointment is attributed to the incorrect application or high expectations. However, it is helpful to take note of such information.

Larisa, 39 years old

Somehow I suddenly discovered dandruff in myself! It never happened, but here is such a mess. After switching shampoos, I started looking for ways to eliminate them anyway. I read about nettle oil. It was tempting that the product is natural and that it is also used for the face. I tried first on the head. I massaged it into the roots, spreading it throughout the length and the ends. That’s why dandruff disappeared! And she also noticed that the strands were noticeably oilier, which is also good. Now I repeat the procedure every three to four months. And about the face – I also apply sometimes. The skin has become dry with age, so I nourished it regularly. It’s simple: I smeared it, and after about half an hour, I got wet with a napkin and washed with warm water. There is also an effect:

Elena, 26 years old

On the advice of a friend, I take off my makeup and clean my face with nettle oil. Everything is straightforward: first, I will moisten a cotton pad with warm water and squeeze it well, then a drop of oil rub it along the massage lines. That’s all! The cleaning is excellent; the sensation is the most pleasant, no fat is felt, and lightness and freshness.

Vera, 40 years old

After the second pregnancy, the hair “fell out.” I changed shampoos and tried all kinds of ointments – nothing helped. It seems that the nutrition is normal, my daughter is grown, the sleep is normal, and my hair is quite liquid and dry to the touch, so that’s all. I tried making a scrub mask with nettle oil and salt. I mix and put them on my scalp; it should be wet! I massage gently and carefully, make “steam” – put on a bag and a towel on top. I walk like this for up to 20 minutes. Then you need to rinse your hair; the oil is washed off without any problems. I like the effect; I use it for about six months as if the hair has matured; it does not creep in clumps. You should take the most acceptable salt!


When researching the price of nettle oil, it is impossible not to be enticed by a unique natural product used for both beauty and health. The point is to buy a product that has maximum benefits. Therefore, it is worth reading the composition carefully.

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