Sea buckthorn, what is, can I eat its fruits? Summary article on berries that are good for health – sea buckthorn: where and how it grows, properties, benefits, and contraindications, chemical composition, useful recipes. Sea buckthorn is a sunny yellow-orange berry that grows on thorn bushes. The shrub is widespread in central latitudes and the benefits of its fruit were known even in ancient times. Berries ripen in August-September. It is difficult to collect sea buckthorn because it is small, very juicy and bursts easily, it does not grow in clusters but directly on the branch. Each branch of a shrub, which is simply a lot of this little bright fruit, is sprinkled with sharp thorns. Caution: there is a bone inside the juicy pulp.

You can eat fresh, frozen, sweets in jam or preservation for the winter; you can make healthy wine or oil. In addition to cooking, sea buckthorn fruits (extracts and oils from it) are used in folk medicine. They are good as a cure for all ailments and also have cosmetic properties.

Chemical composition of fresh sea thorn berries

Berries taste sour-sweet, but they can only be eaten picked from the bush. You will not be able to pick the bones – you will have to spit them out (who can of course chew with pulp and swallow). Bears that eat cleanse the gut, filling you with many useful substances and energy.

The caloric content of sea buckthorn per 100 grams is 82 kcal:

  • Fat – 5, 5 g
  • Carbohydrates – 5, 68 g
  • Protein – 1, 21 g
  • Water – 83.2 g
  • Saturated fatty acids – 2.13 g
  • Organic acid – 2.0 g
  • Food fiber – 2, 11 g
  • Mono- and disaccharides – 5, 72 g
  • Ash – 0.6 g


  • A (RE) – 249.6 micrograms
  • PP – 0.42 mg
  • Beta-carotene – 1,525 g
  • B1 thiamine – 0, 028 g
  • B2 riboflavin – 0.049 g
  • Pantothenic – 0.25 g
  • B6 pyridoxine – 0.78 g
  • B9 folic – 9, 2 micrograms
  • E (TE) – 5, 12 mg
  • C – 220 mg
  • H biotin – 3, 28 g
  • PP – 0.49 g
  • Micro and major factors:
  • Iron – 1.42 mg
  • Calcium – 21, 89 mg
  • Magnesium – 29.9 mg
  • Potassium – 193.3 mg
  • Sodium – 3.9 mg
  • Phosphorus – 9.4 mg

 Benefits of the body

These bright orange blackcurrants are very rich in vitamins (especially C), micro and large cells, and organic acids. More useful than fresh fruit, only sea buckthorn oil, which is an extract?

Fresh sea buckthorn should alleviate the lack of vitamins in the body and support the immune system; it is enough to eat a handful daily. This is an excellent natural disinfectant to help the cold go away – add berries to the patient’s tea or give a few grams of sea buckthorn jam a day: from snot, sore throat, cold – no trace left. its root – this is a popular folk remedy and official medicine uses it in preparation for burns, to heal wounds, and to bleach age spots (scars). For example, to treat inflammation of the respiratory tract, it is mixed with honey.

Common wisdom about sea buckthorn says this: if it is swollen on the inside,  is also put inside (whether it is broth, tincture, or fresh product), if it is swollen on the outside, it is put on the skin (ointment, gruel or lotion). The broth can not only be from the fruit, but also from the leaves and seeds of the sea buckthorn. Leaves, for example, are good for fighting arthritis or gout, and seeds are a great laxative.


Is it an extract of all the nutrients of the plant? Its properties are much stronger than fruits, although they treat all the same inflammation, burns, or skin diseases. Antibiotics (disinfectants), healing, soothing, and some other properties of the oil are used in medicine and cosmetology. For example, thorn oil, in combination with other drugs, can treat radiation to the skin and even cancerous tumors. It is easier to use for inflammation and you can quickly cure an acute respiratory infection, sore throat, and flu: lubricate the throat, and put it in the nose. Use sea buckthorn oil, and various wounds for frostbite.

Sea buckthorn can treat our eyesight and especially our eyes: conjunctivitis, bile defects, ulcers, and burns.

The beneficial properties of sea buckthorn are also used to maintain beauty. By the way, here are the benefits not only for women… men more often suffer from baldness. Hair masks made from this golden berry “make” the bulbs work better, heal, and fill them with micro-and large cells, and vitamins. As a result, the hair becomes denser, grows better, and becomes shiny and thick.

Due to its high antioxidant content, seaweed extract is used in creams to eliminate wrinkles and improve skin tone.

Contraindications to sea urchins

Sea buckthorn is very rich in biologically active substances, so it is necessary to use it carefully. In case of impaired immunity, sea buckthorn should not be consumed at all: high levels of carotene can cause allergic reactions.

Sea buckthorn requires caution from people with inflammation of the pancreas and gallbladder, liver disease, and duodenum. This is due to the high acid content of the berry pulp.

Here, as with most natural products, the rule applies: everything is good in moderation. And the medicinal properties only appear when used properly.

sea buckthorn berries
Sea buckthorn berries

Recipes of sea buckthorn berries

To store all the useful properties until the next harvest and feed your body with them for a year, you can freeze or preserve the berry collection.

Here are some helpful recipes:

  • Jam without cooking. Sea buckthorn berries are washed and dried on a cloth (towel). Then, in a 1: 1 ratio, they are covered with granulated sugar. Can be mixed in a blender. Divide into small jars, close tightly, and place in a cool dark place.
  • Sea buckthorn juice. The washed fruits are beaten and kneaded. Then pour clean cold water (0.7 liters per kilogram). Mix everything well and squeeze out the juice. Bottle and disinfect.
  • Light sea buckthorn wine, table. It is made from the juice of these berries (which requires 5 liters). 4 liters of water and 1.5 kg of sugar sand. All ingredients are mixed together. Leave to ferment. Then in bottles, tightly corked. Prepared sea buckthorn wine is placed in a cool dark place and stored for 1 year. Thus, the aged drink has a transparent, golden, pleasantly sunny color and a sweet and sour refreshing taste. You will also love the aroma – of pineapple and honey.

To get a drink with a higher concentration, 1 liter of water and 7.5 liters of juice, sugar 2.5 kg is taken.

  • Sea buckthorn oil. This product is sold in pharmacies, but its useful properties cannot be guaranteed. Of course, homemade butter is much healthier. Here is a recipe at home:

We need sea buckthorn juice, which is left in a jar for several hours and is not stirred. During this time, the juice is divided into parts – the upper layer containing oil and the lower layer containing a mass resembling jelly. The resulting top layer is poured into a clean dark bottle (up to the edge). Close tightly, and store in a dark place.

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