Hello! The first step to leaving behind unhealthy habits is to recognize that you have some and, if you are reading this article, surely you already know what we are talking about.

? It’s okay, we’ve all been there and we understand you. The frenetic lifestyle that we lead prevents us from having reflection time to analyze our daily habits.

The important thing is that you are here and that we will give you a few slaps, with much affection, yes, so that once and for all you leave those horrible customs that damage your health.

In Young Experience we already made recommendations to you to have habits for a healthy life, remember? That article will complement the information we will give you. So, go get your tissues, dry your tears and say goodbye to your unhealthy habits that will affect your health in the long run. ?

Skipping meals or eating all the time

Extremes are never good. It doesn’t do you any good to eat all day, nor does it help you to skip a meal, wrongly believing that it will help you lose those extra Christmas pounds. Voucher. And so…? 3 meals? 5 meals? How many are correct? Sorry, but there is no exact answer. Each body works differently. What is true, and has been proven over time, is that it is advisable to respect the 3 basic meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don’t forget your meal while playing your best usa casinos online.

In addition to covering your basic nutritional requirements, the food you need to consume will depend on your physical activity. For example, if in addition to going to the office 8 hours a day you do some physical sport, then you will need to consume certain nutritional groups to stay healthy.

Eating excess sugars and carbohydrates

Although the donuts, the sweet rolls, the croissants filled with chocolate and Nutella and a long etcetera are super delicious, it is best that you sign the divorce with these foods once and for all: THEY DON’T-NOURISH-YOU.

Well goodbye to the cookies you eat with your coffee. The “bad” carbohydrates such as white flour, cereals, potatoes and etc. they contain a lot of starch, just like sugar and, if they are not used up, they turn into fat that accumulates in your body.

Now donuts, Cheerios , waffles, pancakes, crepes are the sum of both. This fat is very difficult to remove. Really, your body has a hard time processing those saturated fats. Don’t eat chips or drinks while you enjoy best Australian online pokies for real money.

And on top of everything, these foods do not provide you with significant nutrients , you will only be able to satisfy your immediate cravings. Yes, it’s sad (take out your tissues?) because we recognize that they taste very good. So have willpower and give up those unhealthy habits.

And do yourself a favor and give away that last pack of Oreos. What’s more… if you behave yourself, we allow you a little dessert once a month.

Work without breaks, or to eat

Oh, Godoooos, pliiis no. Never. Enough. ? For now!

Yes, we already know that you love your job that you want to impress the director of the company, that you have total dedication and everything you want. But no, no and no. This workaholic mood will only affect your health and can cause tremendous damage such as burnout syndrome.

One of the unhealthy habits at work is not taking breaks for the brain to oxygenate. And it’s not just your brain that needs a break. Spending so much time sitting in front of the computer causes your body to acquire poor posture and injure itself.

And please, do not allow, for anything in the world, that the stress of your work or the workload make you eat while you work. That unhealthy habit will bring huge repercussions

Unhealthy Habits
Unhealthy Habits

Smoke and drink coffee all day

Let’s see, we are already clear that smoking leaves nothing but havoc, right? Smoking is an addiction that should be treated seriously. Not only because it is a huge risk factor for your health, but any excess should be treated by a specialist.

But we are not here to give you the badge. What we will tell you is that smoking and drinking coffee, all day, is the worst combination for your central nervous system. Both alter your nervous system and can even generate states of anxiety.

For many, drinking a coffee before starting work is essential. It is true that we not only like the way coffee tastes, but that it keeps us awake to start the day. But we must be aware of the negative effects of coffee.

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