Few people are lucky not to experience headaches frequently. For a majority of us, headaches are part and parcel of our lives. Dealing with headaches can be a headache in itself. Often, simple solutions like the use of ibuprofen can kick the pain out of your head. However, some people have chronic headaches which won’t just go away. Such people would need natural treatments such as essential oils to cure the pain in their heads. The following are some of the essential oils people can use to combat common headaches:


Lavender is an effective panacea for incessant headaches. Lavender oil is known for its analgesic action which combines with its relaxing effect to soothe the nervous system. By calming your body and mind, your headache will soon be history. This is because one of the frequent causes of headaches is a troubled mind. Lavender oil is also easy to find and one of the natural treatments for headaches. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about ingesting too many drugs as the headache keeps recurring.


If you are attacked by bouts of mental fatigue and lack of concentration, peppermint essential oil would be indispensable. Peppermint is particularly effective for the treatment of an upset digestive system. By rectifying the problems in the digestive system, peppermint is able to cure gastric-based headaches. Peppermint also contains menthol which clears the respiratory system; thus, easing symptoms of colds. Such symptoms are usually the main culprits for the headache you experience when you contract the common cold. Peppermint is one of the readily available natural treatments for headaches. Consequently, you need enough supply of oil in your house.


One of the common causes of headaches is mental exhaustion and fatigue. If you are constantly facing mental burdens, headaches will be your regular companion. The good news is that you can relieve mental fatigue by using eucalyptus oil. The oil also helps to reduce inflammation and all sorts of pain. This makes eucalyptus oil perfect for the treatment of common colds. Common colds are known to occasion severe headaches in patients. The next time you suffer an attack of colds, go for eucalyptus oil and you will have bearable nights.


One essential oil that soothes and comforts the nervous system is rosemary. Consequently, it helps reduce nervous tension which may cause severe headaches. This makes it one of the most effective stress relievers in patients. In addition, the oil is full of therapeutic effects which address such critical issues as emotional upsets, depression, insomnia, and even lack of confidence. Rosemary oil will restore your calm and make your headache sublime into thin air.


Chamomile enables your body to relax throughout the day. It has a calming effect on the nerves, muscles as well as the mind. Moreover, it is a diuretic. This means that it can also detoxify your body. It is a great treatment for depression, anger, and nervous tension. These are some of the causatives of severe and recurrent headaches. It is; therefore, a great remedy for headaches caused by tension in the body. Nevertheless, be ready to visit the washroom every now and then as the oil works to purify your system. You will constantly release urine as the detoxification process gets into high gear. However, it is worth the trouble because it will kill your headache in no time.


Not many people are familiar with Helichrysum. However, this does not in any way diminish its ability to tackle constant headaches. Helichrysum oil can treat a variety of medical conditions. It is common in some countries such as Bosnia and Portugal. Its powerful anti-inflammatory properties render it the best in the treatment of severe headaches and migraines. You may need to ask around for this oil since it was not so common in people’s homes today. A visit to the pharmacist may be in order.


A nasty headache can easily be assuaged by Melissa oil. The oil serves two purposes: to give you hope and to make you happy. This is because it can calm your nerves, especially the ones in your brain. This helps relieve the pain occasioned by headaches. In addition, Melissa oil tackles the symptoms of common colds and calms the dry painful coughs that follow. Consequently, it is effective in the treatment of headaches caused by common colds. You need to stock up on Melissa oil because common colds are just that – common.

Oil for Headache
Oil for Headache


If there is a natural option to strengthen your brain, it is marjoram. It is a big boost for the health of your brain as well as your brain tissue. It has the effect of warming up your body; thus’ relieving the stress and anxiety that may be afflicting you. The oil also soothes tight muscles and muscle strain. As such, it is able to treat painful headaches that are occasioned by these symptoms. If your mind can be free from anxiety and stress, then headaches will not be a problem for you any longer. Sometimes just don’t bother treating the headache; find out what is causing it and address the root of the problem.

Precautionary measures

The use of essential oils to combat headaches may occasion certain side effects on your body. If you are going to use it on sensitive areas of your body, such as the nose or forehead, be sure to dilute them first. Some people have never used these oils before. If you are among this group, it is important to do a test on a small area of your skin to see the effect. If you are going to use them internally, limit it dose to just one or two drops. If the headache doesn’t disappear within four weeks, take breaks before continuing to use the oils.

Make sure that you are not allergic to the essential oils that you are using. You may need to consult a medical expert before making the decision to embark on essential oils. Remember to stay safe.

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