Have you heard of amber oil? I heard about this perfume when former Veronica Mars actress Kristen Bell wore this at the 2016 Emmy Awards.

You can buy this for only a few dollars at Whole Foods or, you can buy this online here. Aside from its nice scent, I discovered that you could get several benefits as well. Here are 12 benefits that you can get from amber oil.

1. Natural Perfume

The scent of amber oil starts lightly and then becomes stronger with body heat. It has a sweet, warm, and woody smell that makes it a great perfume to sport every day. The woody scent comes from the fossil tree resin extracted.

Most people think of the labdanum resin as the most famous amber, but there are other resins used including myrrh, frankincense, and copal. Oils, like cedarwood and vanilla, are sometimes added to the essential oil. You can never find an amber fragrance with one specific ingredient because it always comes in a blended scent.

2. Calm The Mind

If you think about relaxing essential oil, lavender might be on top of your list. But don’t you know that there are other essential oils that offer the same calming effects? One of them is amber oil. The scent of amber oil gives a calming psychoactive effect that calms the brain waves.

The calming effect is similar to the sedative forms of drugs, only milder and without side effects. For relaxation, you can mix amber oil with lavender into a diffuser. Place it inside your room and bask in the goodness of its scent while you’re resting or doing some other tasks, like reading, studying, or meditating.

You can also put a few drops of this oil in your bath water. The aroma of the oil seems to remove any negativity from the mind and creates a burst of happy thoughts and serenity within. So, the next time that you’re feeling stressed from work or feeling anxious, smell the scent of amber oil.

3. Aids In Sleep

One of the greatest wonders of aromatherapy is its ability to induce sleep. According to a study published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Biomedicine, essential oils can help treat several diseases, including insomnia.

Researchers discovered that these oils act as depressants to the central nervous system, thereby helping you feel more calm and relaxed. As a result, you fall asleep faster and more soundly than ever.

The aroma of amber oil, when used in a diffuser, can help you fall asleep quickly and soundly. Just add about two drops of amber, together with lavender into a diffuser. Before sleeping, you can also mix a few drops into hot water to relax in a steam bath.

4. Good For Skin and Hair

Amber oil may be used to cure skin problems like acne and eczema by clearing your pores and reducing the inflammation of your skin. It also refreshes and regenerates the skin, thereby offering anti-aging benefits. The succinic acid found in amber is known to give antioxidant benefits, which can help fight the damaging effects of free radicals on your skin.

To use this oil for skin benefits, just add a few drops to your regular moisturizer. You can also use this oil in facial steaming by adding a few drops to a bowl of hot water. When added to bath water, it makes the skin more supple and decreases the damaging effects of the sun.

Your hair can also get benefit from amber oil. If you’re suffering from hair problems, like dandruff or falling hair, just massage a few drops into the scalp.

5. Promotes Better Heart Health

Amber oil is believed to help promote better heart health by increasing heart energy, reducing palpitations, and improving blood circulation around the heart. Traditional Chinese practitioners even use amber to protect against coronary heart disease. Together with ginseng, they can help treat severe pains in the chest or a condition known as angina.

Baltic amber has high succinic acid content, which is a potent antioxidant that prevents disruptions of the heart rhythm. Its potency can be traced back to the 17th-18th century when most doctors recommend this oil together with rose oil to strengthen the heart.

6. Treats Rheumatism

Rheumatism is a disease described as the inflammation of the muscles, joints, and other tissues. Amber oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve this disease. You can feel the pain relief quickly as this oil penetrates fast into the tissue, enhancing blood flow to the affected area.

You can mix amber oil with a carrier oil to use as a massage solution. I usually dilute it with olive or sesame oil. It is recommended to use one part of the amber oil in every four parts of carrier oil.

7. Supports Faster Wound Healing

Amber oil has analgesic properties that can help speed up the healing process of wounds. The same properties also help relieve the pain of wounds. By reducing the inflammation externally and internally, wounds heal faster.

Actually, people have electro-potentials that control the healing process. After an injury occurs, it prompts biological repair. The healing properties of amber oil lie in its electrostatic properties, a natural ionizer that generates negative ions that help ease the pain and prompt the healing process.

To use this oil, just smear a few drops into the affected area. You can also apply this topically after you get an injury as it helps lessen the occurrence of bruises. Continue using it until your wounds have healed completely.

8. Works As A Painkiller

Amber oil has analgesic properties that can help relieve muscle pains. Due to its antispasmodic properties, this oil is also believed to be effective against pain related to respiratory and digestive problems. Chinese medicine even uses it to cure abdomen pain that affects the uterus or prostate.

Several abdominal pains that can be relieved with this oil include menstrual cramps and post-birth abdominal pain. To massage the painful area, just mix the oil with a carrier oil, like jojoba, olive oil, or sunflower oil, and apply as needed. To reduce local pain, you can apply it topically to the affected area.

9. Eases Respiratory Problems

Amber oil has expectorant properties which can help offer from chest congestion and any related breathing problems that can go with colds or flu. When the mucus that had solidified in your lungs is broken down, you will feel relief. This can oil can even be used to relieve the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis.

You can use the oil for medicine in the form of massage or steam. If you like to massage the oil in your chest, make sure that you dilute the pure oil with a carrier oil. For steaming, add a few drops to a bowl of hot water and inhale while covering your head with a towel.

10. Aphrodisiac

Just like any other essential oil, amber oil is believed to have abilities similar to aphrodisiacs which can give excitement to your boring love life. However, this effect may be somewhat subjective because the scent may not be as alluring for another. But the oil can help promote better blood circulation and revitalizes hormones in the body, which assists in enhancing sexual response.

You can ignite your senses by applying liberally on your forearms. To activate the scent even further, rub your forearms together. Don’t forget to apply on the neck and cleavage if you must.

11. Reduces the Symptoms Of Epilepsy

Another shocking revelation of amber oil is its potential ability to heal epilepsy. This oil proves to be potent only when the illness is symptomatic, in which case it reduces and weakens the force of seizures. It can also prolong the intervals.

Epilepsy can be relieved by amber oil if it is dependent on frailties or nervous irritability. As you already know, this oil has a calming effect, which can help ease stress and anxiety.

12. Boosts the Immune System

A strong immune system means you are fighting off illness and bacteria that make you susceptible to more diseases that are serious. Amber oil is a natural disinfectant that can help fight bacteria. Add this to your bath always, and you can form a defense mechanism against bacteria that may cause infections.

A more relaxed mind and body can have a positive effect on the immune system. According to a 2006 study, the more stressed you are, the more vulnerable you become too serious illnesses. Since you become more relaxed with the scent of amber oil, the stronger your immune system can become.

 Amber Oil Whole Foods
Amber Oil Whole Foods

Try Amber Oil Now!

Looking at the benefits above, I can’t stop myself from being amazed by this new discovery. At an affordable price, you can get perfume plus other benefits for good health, skin, and hair. You can also get your own amber oil at the nearest Whole Foods in your area or try online shopping.

If you’ve already tried using amber oil, share with us your thoughts and experience. You may also share this post on social media to help spread the word to everybody.

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