The news of newborns arriving is always a thrill for parents, especially mothers. After all the hardships and the pain during labor, it is always a huge relief to hold your bundle of joy in your arms. Only then do you realize that everything you went through was worth it. The hard work begins here. Taking care of that little one is a sweet process but it can frustrate you if you are not adequately prepared. You have to be there for everything and figure out what they want or need before they start crying all over the place. In simple words, you are the baby’s everything, literally.

This is why it is always very important to prepare well before the baby arrives. Anticipate what they will want and figure out every possible way to make them comfortable. One of the items you will need for your baby’s room is a humidifier. There are several benefits associated with having one and any pediatrician will tell so. These benefits affect both the parents and the baby. Here are some of the reasons why you need a humidifier in your baby’s room.

Relieves dryness

Dry air is harsh even on grownups. There is something about it that just makes you feel uncomfortable; not to mention the health complications it may lead to. A humidifier solves this problem. As an infant, your baby needs to be in a very comfortable environment where they feel safe and protected. Having a humidifier will keep the baby’s surrounding well moisturized.

Prevents chapped lips

A chapped lip is one of the negative side effects that can arise from dry air. Imagine that little one suffering from the pain caused by cracked lips that is because of chapped lips. Remember that you cannot use the products used by adults as remedies for the baby. A humidifier keeps the air moist thereby reducing the chances of your baby developing this complication.

Reduces chances of respiratory complications

Infants are very fragile. Their organs and immune system are still not strong enough to handle illnesses that could have been easily prevented. Dry air can easily lead to congestion in your baby’s respiratory system. This can in turn lead to a stuffy nose, sinus, or even sore throat. A humidifier releases a vapor that reduces the chances of congestion by loosening any mucus in the baby’s nose, throat, or chest area, especially the lungs. It reduces the chances of your baby catching a cold or flu.

Prevents skin irritation

An infant’s skin is very delicate and cannot handle a harsh environment. Dry air can lead to skin irritations and sometimes can lead to skin conditions such as eczema. Itchy skin due to irritation is bad news for you and your baby. Imagine that little one feeling itchy all over and they cannot even help themselves. This will result in constant crying and fidgeting that will frustrate you and your partner. The moisture produced by a humidifier will keep the air vaporized for your baby’s skin and will ensure that the skin retains moisture thereby remaining soft and smooth.

Soothes the baby

Infants do not react well to noise and this keeps them from sleeping well most of the time. They just came out of the womb where they were enclosed and felt safe all the time. Therefore, they are still not used to some sounds and can easily get frightened by these sounds. The sound produced by a humidifier will help keep the baby calm and lure them into a sound and peaceful sleep. It reminds them of the sounds they heard while they were still inside the womb. The humidifier sound will drown all the other unwanted noises like those of kids playing, radio, and television.

Gives you a peaceful mind

Knowing that you have done everything you can for your baby will keep your mind from wondering “what if”. As parents, we strive to do all we can for our children and we go out of our way to provide everything they need. Having a humidifier in the baby’s surroundings reduces so many problems, which translates to having a healthy and jovial baby. When the baby is healthy and happy, we also feel happy and relaxed and therefore more at peace.

Reduces your stress levels

We all know that immediately after pregnancy the hormones are still raging all over the place for most women. Imagine this coupled with the stress of having a baby who does not sleep well, has chapped lips or irritated skin or has some other respiratory problem.

Stress levels can drive you crazy. From the above points, it has been established that a humidifier helps a lot in reducing these complications. Have one installed in the baby’s room and you will have a stress-free and blissful life as you enjoy the rewards of motherhood. If you become stressed, it will not be because your baby is driving you crazy or feeling unwell and you could have prevented it.

 Care of newborn
Care of newborn


There are different types of humidifiers you can choose from. They are easily available even on online shopping platforms. You can make your choice depending on the type of mist you want and the size of the humidifier. There are warm mist and cold mist humidifiers, and then there are portable and much larger humidifiers. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages.

It is advisable to talk to a pediatrician to advise you on what is the best care for your baby. Some of these humidifiers are affordable but some are very expensive. Therefore, your decision should also be based on the amount of money you can spend. Another thing to consider when making your decision is the type of climate in your area. It would not be advisable to buy a warm mist humidifier when you live in a constant hot/warm environment. Before you buy one, learn all you can about taking care of it. Just like any other equipment, a humidifier must be well taken care of for it to work well for a longer period.

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