Despite the claims by manufacturing companies to the effect that humidifiers can clear cigarette smoke from your indoor air, you will have no luck with them. The bitter truth is that humidifiers can’t and won’t help you dispel cigarette smoke from the air that you breathe. Those humidifier companies just want you to buy their products. If cigarette smoke is a problem in your house, you will have to look for more effective means of combating it. In fact, there may be very few machines that can clear cigarettes, or there may be any other kind of smoke, from the air. You may try air purifiers instead of using humidifiers.

How they work

The modus operandi of humidifiers makes it impossible for them to have the ability to clean your indoor air of smoke. Humidifiers work by releasing moisture into the air; thereby, increasing the level of humidity in your room. Humidifiers are especially useful during winter when there is very little moisture in the air due to extremely low temperatures. Keeping the air humidified is the sole purpose of humidifiers, nothing else. Consequently, you can’t expect them to clean your air as well.

In fact, it may be dangerous to use humidifiers in a room laden with cigarette smoke. The humidity released into the air may react with the chemical components present in cigarette smoke to create dangerous compounds that may harm your respiratory system. Moreover, the compounds may form residues that may accumulate in your airways, making it difficult for you to breathe. The situation may be worse if there is an asthmatic patient in the house. The compounds may also settle on surfaces and on the parts of the humidifiers. This will give you a hard time cleaning them regularly.

Falsified information

Humidifier companies, like any other company, invest heavily in advertisements. They roll out compelling ads with the aim of attracting as many customers as possible. In the process, not everything the ads say about the product is necessarily true. In order to beat their competitors, they include a few misleading facts about humidifiers. Some ads will claim that they can purify your air. This is false. Do not believe everything stated in the ads. They simply want you to purchase the product.

The label on the product may also contain some falsehoods. It contains valuable information about the humidifier unit, how to maintain it and what it can do for you. However, it most likely will include what the unit may not be able to do for you. From the label, you will learn that the machine can keep your room safely humidified. They may deliberately include clearing cigarette smoke from the air, which is false. So, not everything they say on the label is true. The bitter truth is that humidifiers will not be able to clear your room of cigarette smoke.

Their customer service center may not be any different. You will naturally want to substantiate some of the claims indicated on the label. If you call or visit the customer service center, they will emphasize the falsehood that humidifiers can clean smoke from the air. If smoke is your only problem, you definitely won’t need a humidifier. Install humidifiers in your home only when the humidity in the air falls due to extreme temperatures.

Nip the problem in the bud

It is not quite prudent relying on machines to clear cigarette smoke from the air. Besides, the harm will already have been done by the time the machines are through. It would be much better to nip the problem in the bud. Ensure no member of the family engages in smoking by constantly counseling them on the dangers of smoking. Be strict, if that can help. If anybody must smoke, they should do it from elsewhere, not indoors. Remember passive smoking is just as harmful as active smoking.

If the offending smoke is from without, you will need to take appropriate measures. Walk out of the house and approach the smoking neighbor. Let them know about the smoke they are emitting into your house and the potential dangers. If they don’t stop, you may have to approach the relevant authorities. You may even consider moving house if push comes to shove. It would be much cheaper than having to deal with the effects of cigarette smoke on your health.

Smoking zones

Instead of relying on a humidifier machine to get rid of smoke from your house, those addicted to smoking should do it from designated smoking zones. Everybody has a right to what makes them feel better. If anything, smoking is legal in many countries. You may not have any justification for infringing on their freedoms. Consequently, you will have to strike an understanding with them. Whenever they experience the craze to puff, they should quietly move out of the house and do it from outside. Let every member of the family realize the importance of keeping indoor air free from smoke. Mere machines won’t be as effective as is necessary; humidifiers are the least so.

It is also important to help smokers break away from the addiction. Visit experts and find out the best way to go about it. Medication may also be required to assist in breaking the addiction. Find out if there are groups in the locality that assist smokers to quit smoking. It is much better to prevent smoke from getting into your house rather than fighting it.

Clear Cigarette Smoke
Clear Cigarette Smoke

Final word

Truth be told, humidifiers cannot clean your indoor air. Cigarette smoke in your indoor air will need much more than a simple machine. Besides, humidifiers only add moisture into the air to protect you from chapped lips or a parched throat. They have no mechanisms to suck in the smoky air, clean it and release it back into the room. Disregard any information or advert to the contrary. If your intention is to clean your indoor air, you better try air purifiers. Nevertheless, you need to know that no machine will be able to perfectly clean the air.

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