When your baby is at his tender age, you want nothing less than to keep him healthy. You want to see him sleep soundly and wake up smiling throughout the day. What matters most is ensuring that your baby enjoys his life to the fullest till he can survive on his own. Apart from good food, comfortable clothing, and good housing, your baby needs more than a vaccine to stay healthy. They need something much safer, free of toxic substances and more. We describe in this article choosing the best essential oil diffuser for your baby

To cut to the chase, they need essential oils. Essential oils are known to relax babies, improve their breathing, and the best part, protect them from dangerous illnesses. Unfortunately, not all oils in their saturated form that works for you as an adult are safer for your baby. To be on the safe side, you need to employ a few precautions to ensure that the essential oils you are using on your baby do not harm your baby in any way possible. In this article, I’m going to show you, some of the safest essential oils for your baby, how to choose the best essential oil diffuser, and lastly, how to use them.


Finding the right oil diffuser is the first step in ensuring that your baby benefits fully from the essential oils you choose. Unlike what you might find convenient, your baby doesn’t require an oil diffuser that will work longer hours. Before you buy an essential oil diffuser for your baby; it is vital to do some research. Here are some of the things to look for when buying an essential oil diffuser that will perfectly work for your baby.

  • Area of coverage: A diffuser with a larger area of coverage is quite vital simply because the oil diffuser is better off placed far away from your baby.
  • Automatic shut-down feature: For the safety of your baby, you need an oil diffuser that shuts down immediately after the oil tank is emptied.
  • Level of noise when operating: Apart from enjoying the soothing effect essential oils offer, your baby needs sound sleep, and that can’t happen when your diffuser makes noise. So it is vital to choose a diffuser that works quietly.
  • Ability to switch the lights on and off: Lights from an oil diffuser excite your baby and keeps him happy. They also keep your baby awake. So you need a diffuser that allows you to switch the lights on when your baby needs them and off when the baby is trying to have a sound sleep.
  • There are more than enough oil diffusers on the market that offer the above benefits. However, not all will work for your baby especially when he or she is trying to have a sound sleep. So, it is vital to choose what’s best for your child carefully. Experts recommend an Ultrasonic diffuser as they are less expensive, work best to humidify your home hair, and most importantly, disperse fine droplets of essential oils with a soothing effect vital for your baby’s comfort.


Lavender: This essential oil is known to have a calming effect that your baby needs to relax and sleep. They are also known to treat several diseases, for example, the cradle crap. To use this essential oil effectively, you are required to add a few drops to olive oil. You can then rub it gently into your baby’s scalp before sleep.

Lemon: Experts recommend lemon oil for children since it works best to ease the symptoms of several diseases, for example, infantile colic which has no proven cure. Add a few drops of lemon balm into the warm water that you will be using to wash your baby.

Thieves: This is a combination of cinnamon bark, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, and clove. This oil works best to destroy all the pathogens in your home air as well as do away with a bad scent. For babies, thieves can be used to wipe all the dirt on the tables you use to change the diaper to get rid of harmful pathogens that might cause illnesses to your baby.

German Chamomile: If you are looking forward to maximizing the hours your child takes sleep, then German Chamomile is the best choice. The oil is known to reduce stress and anxiety in both adults and children. To use it effectively on babies, you are required to add it to warm water to bathe your child. You can also use its diluted form to massage your baby before sleep.

Geranium: Your house will automatically smell better with geranium oils in the air. It will also give your baby a soothing sensation that is vital for sleep. Geranium is also known for its antioxidant and sedative properties.

Sandalwood: Sandalwood comes in handy when you are looking for an essential oil that will protect your baby from several illnesses. It is known for its ability to reduce inflammations and coughs in babies. They also work best as antiseptics.

 Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Your Baby
Best Essential Oil Diffuser for Your Baby


In summary, not all essential oil diffusers and oils that work perfectly for you as an adult will work best for your baby. Your baby needs an oil diffuser that releases weaker concentrations of the oils finely distributed in your home air. They also need something that operates quietly, enables you to switch the lights on and off, and most importantly, a device that covers a larger surface area. With the tips above, I’m sure your baby stands a chance to enjoy all the essential oils nature has to offer in their pure form.

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