The cold season brings with it unwelcome challenges therefore making any gadget that can help with the same is necessary. The biggest challenge apart from the cold is the lack of moisture in the air; a problem that a good humidifier can deal with. The humidifier is a great invention and a great gadget, but how it is used determines its efficacy. More than that, how effective a humidifier is will depend on its specifications. The advantages of a properly used humidifier are undeniable from preventing colds to increasing warmth. If you have young ones, it becomes even more necessary. We describe in this article common mistakes when buying and using a humidifier.

If it is your first time buying a humidifier, you should not underestimate the process. What you go for will greatly determine the level of functionality you will enjoy. Most make the mistake of going for the purchase blind with only the words of sales persons or marketers to trust. Below are the most common mistakes many make when buying and using a humidifier that compromises the quality of service they derive from the gadget. Knowing them is the surest way to avoid them and learn from the mistakes of others.

Common mistakes when buying a humidifier

Not knowing which type of humidifier

This mistake is fueled by a lack of foresight and research. Humidifiers essentially come in two types. The ones that offer warm mist, and those that offer cool mist. Each has its own specifications and advantages, which suit different types of people. You should know where you fall if you want to make the right decision. There are considerations to make to know where you lie in this regard. If your home has asthmatics and children, the warm mist humidifier is not for you and you should go for the alternative. Other considerations can influence the type of humidifier you should go for. Before buying, ask around. Get recommendations from your physician or someone well versed with humidifiers. Make sure you do some research or you might end with the double tragedy of doing yourself more harm while at the same time draining your wallet.

What capacity

Humidifiers work with room size. It is not a one size fits all situation. You have to be aware of the size of the room you intend to use the humidifier. If the room is big and you go for a small capacity humidifier, it will not get the job done. On the other hand, if you for a high-capacity humidifier and utilize it in a small room, condensation will build-up. Moreover, electricity will be wasted not to mention the energy that you will use trying to clean the condensation formed in hard-to-reach areas. Also, lots of moisture provides a conducive environment for bacteria and fungi growth. Therefore, know the size of the room you want to use the humidifier in which will help you determine the capacity to go for.

Going for one without a hygrometer and a humidistat

Too little moisture is bad, and it is essentially what you are trying to fend off. Too much moisture on the other hand is bad news too. A delicate balance has to be struck in order for the humidifier to produce the perfect content of moisture. If you go for a humidifier without a hygrometer and a humidistat, you will have to find the balance yourself and the whole exercise will be a hit-or-miss affair. However, if you choose a humidifier with both, that has controls to vary humidity and moisture content, you will be better off. Certainly, such a humidifier will definitely be more expensive, but it will be worth it.

Noise and price

Noisy humidifiers are a no-brainer. Steer clear of them, they solve one problem and create another one. Most will have some level of noise go for the quietest one. Also, make a point of considering the size of the tank. A humidifier with a small tank can be a big inconvenience. When it comes to matters of price, it should go without saying that you should window shop and consider different brands. This way, you will be more likely to get better value for your hard-earned money. Moreover, some brands provide better deals, service, and support than others.

Energy consumption

Remember to find out the energy consumption of the humidifier you settle on. If you are a green person, this consideration bears more weight. Regardless though, the more energy-efficient the humidifier is, the better. It will save you bigger electricity bills. Also, keep in mind that humidifiers require maintenance, and some are more expensive to maintain than others.

Common mistakes when buying and using a humidifier
Common mistakes when buying and using a humidifier

Common mistakes when using a humidifier

Not cleaning and emptying the tank often

Most people forget to clean out their humidifier tanks often. This is a big mistake that can be potentially hazardous. If you leave the water in your humidifier tank for days, it gives bacteria and all manner of harmful microorganisms a chance to breed and grow. When you turn on the machine, all those microorganisms get released into the atmosphere. Whenever you fail to use the humidifier, make a point of cleaning out and emptying the tank.

Cleaning the humidifier

Once in a while, you should make a point of cleaning the humidifier as a whole. As stated before, moisture encourages the growth of microorganisms. Failure to clean the humidifier results in a buildup of the same with the result that the microorganisms finally end up in the air. Also, make sure you read the accompanying user’s manual and make sure that you carry out all maintenance activities.

Failure to check room humidity

Getting exactly the appropriate moisture content in the air is what the goal is. If you do not check the room humidity, you will not know the correct moisture content. This results in all manner of issues as before discussed that can be avoided. Always make a point of knowing the room humidity in order to properly adjust the humidifier to suit the room conditions and increase your comfort.

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