One problem I have with essential oils is that they evaporate really quickly, which means I would have to buy another bottle again even if I weren’t able to use all of the oils in the bottle for myself.

Fortunately, I have found a couple of ways to make my essential oils last longer through a couple of easy hacks. You can also try these hacks too because you can easily do them at home.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used by plenty of people for a long time for health purposes. I personally use essential oils not just because they smell good, but because I feel like it really affects my health.

The Eucalyptus essential oil for one really helps me with my breathing as it helps clear out my nasal cavity. It also helps me sleep better at night.

Hack 1: Make A Small Cotton Pillow

This is my favorite hack to use when I try to make my essential oils last longer because I can easily take my small cotton pillow pretty much anywhere I go, and because it is very easy to make. But most importantly, it makes the scent of essential oils last for at least 4 hours.

What You’ll Need

2 Pieces Of 5×5 Inch Cotton Cloth

For this project, you will need two small pieces of cotton cloth. You can choose any color you want, but I personally prefer using white cotton close because it looks like a tissue.

I prefer making my small pillow look like a tissue so that it wouldn’t look weird when I’m sniffing my small pillow in public. Instead, it will look like I’m just rubbing my nose with a small piece of tissue.

Cotton Balls
You can buy cotton balls in your local grocery store. You do not need a lot of cotton balls for this project, you only need a couple to fit into your small cotton pillow.
You will need a small needle for this project because you will be sewing the two pieces of 5×5 inch cotton cloth together in order to make your small pillow.
Cotton Thread
You can buy cotton thread from your local sewing shop or grocery store. You will need a cotton thread for this project to make your entire small cotton pillow totally absorbent. The color of the thread does not matter as long as it is made out of pure cotton.

Getting Started

Step 1: Sewing The Pillow

You can start sewing your pillow by using your cotton thread and needle to sew the two pieces of 5×5 inch cloth together. You should start by putting the two pieces of cloth against each other, and start sewing with your needle on the cloth’s sides. You should leave out an excess of 3mm on the edge of the cloth when you start sewing its sides.

Continue sewing all sides of the cloth until you are left with a 1-inch hole. Once you are done sewing the two pieces of cloth together, gently turn your sewn cloth inside out to hide your stitches.

Step 2: Filling The Pillow

Using the 1-inch hole you left when sewing the two pieces of cloth together, gently fill your pillow with enough cotton balls to make it firm. Once you have filled your pillow with enough cotton balls, you can now close the hole by sewing it shut with your cotton thread and needle.

Step 3: Adding The Essential Oil

Once you are done with making your pillow, you can now add droplets of your preferred essential oil to your small cotton pillow. The scent of the essential oil will last longer throughout the day because the cotton balls inside the pillow will prevent the oil from completely evaporating.

Hack 2: Make An Essential Oil Candle

Using candles is great for making essential oils last. Not only do essential oil-infused candles make the scent spread all over the room, but it also makes for nice home decoration. I also like using this hack because not only is it easy to make, but it is also fun to create.

What You’ll Need

16 Ounce Glass Jar

To make your essential oil soy candle, you will need a glass jar container. You can buy a glass jar container at your local arts and crafts store or grocery store. One thing you should look for in choosing a glass jar is that it should have a wide mouth opening. A wide mouth is important because it will be easier for you to pour the wax into the jar.

15 Ounces of Wax
You can buy wax from your local candle store or you can reuse a candle from your home. I personally prefer using soy wax instead of paraffin wax because soy wax emits fewer toxins when the candle is lit, making it safer to inhale, especially in closed areas.
1 Microwavable Container
You can get a microwavable container from your local grocery store. You can choose any type of microwavable container, it can be ceramic or plastic. The important thing here is that you should be able to fit 15 ounces of wax in the container.
Tab Wick

A tab wick is the kind of wick that has a metal plate at one end. You can ask the seller for assistance when selecting your wick. Your wick’s size will depend on your jar’s size, so it would be better if you bring your jar with you when you buy your wick.

Essential Oils Last
Essential Oils Last

Getting Started

Step 1: Preparing The Jar

Before you start making your essential oil candle, make sure that your jar is thoroughly clean and dust-free. This is important because a clean jar ensures that your candle will burn evenly.

Once you have thoroughly cleansed your jar, the next thing you should do is glue the metal end of your tab wick to the bottom of the jar. Once the glue has dried out, take the other end of your tab wick and tie it around a pen or a stick, and let the pen or stick hang over the jar’s mouth so that the wick will be standing upright.

Step 2: Melting The Wax

Once your jar is prepared, the next thing you should do is melt your wax. Using your microwavable container, put the 15 ounces of wax in the container and melt it in your microwave. Melting the wax does not usually take too long, a good 5 minutes will be enough for you to meet all of your wax.

Step 3: Adding The Essential Oil

Once you are done melting all of your wax, you can now add 2 tablespoons of your preferred essential oil to your melted wax. Carefully mix your oil with the wax using a spoon. Once you have thoroughly mixed the essential oil with the wax, it is now time to proceed to step 4.

Step 4: Filling The Jar

To finish making your essential oil candle, take your jar, and gently fill it with your melted wax. Be careful not to pour the wax onto your pen or stick. You can also readjust the placement of your wick while you are pouring the melted wax into the jar if need be.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Once the melted wax has settled inside the jar, you should now cut the excess length of your wick. You should leave at least 1-inch of the wick above the wax so that your candle will burn effectively.

When you’re done cutting the wick, you should cover the jar’s mouth with a piece of cloth so that dust will not get inside your candle as it cools. When you’re jar is covered up, leave it overnight at room temperature to cool and harden.

Pro Tips

Using Essential Oils On Your Body

When using essential oils, you should always remember that putting too much oil on your skin is not good. Concentrated aromatics such as essential oils can cause severe irritation or reactions in some people, you should only use 1 or 2 drops when using it on your skin.

Storing Essential Oils

Essential Oils easily evaporate over time, which means that if you want your essential oils to last longer without using any hacks, you should store them in a cool dry place, preferably a closed cupboard. If you do not have a closed area to store your essential oils in, you could cover it with a piece of dark cloth to protect it from direct heat.

All Done!

I hope you enjoyed reading my tips on how to make your essential oils last longer as much as I have enjoyed writing them for you. This tutorial will surely help you enjoy your essential oils longer, as well as save yourself some money because you wouldn’t have to buy essential oils more often.

If you think there are other ways to make essential oils last longer, kindly give us your feedback in the comment section, we will highly appreciate it! Until next time, enjoy!

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