Oils for quality skin; How to select suitable ones? Find out which oils are most beneficial for sensitive skin, how they affect the body, how they differ, and whether they can cause harm—the benefits of almond, olive, tea tree, lemon, and other oils. Oils for quality skin are the best that can use in cosmetics. They rarely cause allergies, are suitable for different cases, from age spots to acne, and can be used at any age. A wide range of these products allows you to choose the product that suits you best and provide the appropriate facial treatment.

The best oils for quality skin

Troubled skin needs special care. For this, natural oils are excellent and can deal with all the imperfections of the epidermis, such as pigmentation, acne, and acne. They can control sebum production, fight excess oil, and have an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect. We present to you the TOP-20 best oils for quality skin.

Almond oil

The product is recommended for dry skin, prone to keloid scars and acne. It is widely used to calm, moisturize, eliminate peeling, and control the water and oil balance of the dermis. With its help, you can quickly deal with dermatitis, eczema, and herpes. The product is helpful for chapped lips, bags, and dark circles under the eyes.

Such a broad spectrum of actions is due to its rich composition, which contains vitamins E, A, B, linoleic acid, and other fatty acids. The oil does not cause allergies and has no contraindications.

Olive oil

In its composition, it is similar to an almond. Based on this, the effect will be approx. The same: the skin becomes properly moisturized, its regeneration accelerates, the color improves, and irregularities disappear. Thanks to this, it is possible to eliminate inflammation, severe itching, and skin irritation.

The product restores blood circulation in tissues, removes toxins, tightens them, and saturates them with moisture. It is beneficial to use it to wash acne and blackheads, age spots, moles, and freckles.

In cosmetology, the raw product of the first press is used.

Coconut oil

This tool is actively used in various masks and creams for dry, flabby, and flabby skin. It is intended for acne, pimples, and age spots. Its use allows you to protect your skin from the harmful effects of sunlight and wind. Thanks to it, it becomes softer, toned, and elastic; it stops peeling due to the saturation of tissues with moisture.

But it would help if you did not get too involved with this oil because it clogs pores, which will be difficult to clean later.

Peach oil

It is not very popular in cosmetology, although it is pretty effective and cheap. It contains the most valuable acids for the skin – linoleic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, palmitic acid, etc. Because of this, the product reliably withstands the aging process, moisturizes the skin, helps it recover faster from burns and broken integrity, and helps get rid of acne and acne.

Given this, it benefits teenagers and the elderly, who most often suffer from age spots, rashes, and acne.

Grape seed oil

This oil is famous for its many effects. Burns can be treated and prevented, so it is helpful to use sunscreen. Rich in vitamin E, steroids, and phenols, it effectively removes age spots, dryness, itching, bruises, stretch marks, and wrinkles.

The use of the product applies to acne, dermatitis, and urticaria. Its vibrant wound-healing properties help your skin heal faster after shaving. It also calms down and normalizes blood circulation. But above all, it is a powerful antioxidant that removes toxins from tissues and prevents them from aging.

Jojoba oil

The product is obtained from Simmondsia fruits by pressing them without heat treatment. Its leading exporters are Israel, the United States, and Mexico. For the skin, it is valuable for the presence in the composition of amino acids, which are similar in their structure to the “building” protein of the skin – collagen.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that it’s recommended for taking care of loose and mature skin. It can be used as a balm for chapped lips and as a moisturizing aftershave. Indications for its use are age and expression of wrinkles, age spots, dryness, itching, pallor, oily sheen, and skin lethargy.

Tea tree oil

The product is obtained by processing the leaves of this tree; when finished, it has a pale yellow color and a strong, sweet aroma. It contains fatty acids, A, E, B, and carotenoids.

It is known for its antihistamine properties, which reduce facial puffiness and eliminate bags and dark circles under the eyes. This option suits those concerned about pores, which eventually clear and tighten. The device has an antibacterial and calming effect. The use of tea tree oil for quality skin on the face allows you to restore the function of the sebaceous glands, so it is most useful for those with oily skin.

Peppermint, geranium, and lemon oil

A mixture prepared based on lemon, mint; geranium is called hydrophilic oil. It is intended for effective facial cleansing from blackheads, makeup, age spots, acne, bags, and dark circles. Once on the skin, the product easily breaks down, binds, and removes grease and cosmetics, even waterproof. But it does not penetrate deep into the tissues. Therefore it is ineffective in fighting wrinkles and oily sheen.

It is the same cleansing milk; only after using it may you feel stickiness or dryness on your face. It is also unpleasant that it clogs pores.

Essential oil of camphor

The product has a pleasant mint smell and is used for increased skin dryness, peeling, weakness, integrity, and age spots. It is effective in whitening the skin membrane, treating wounds and bruises on the face, relieving inflammation, and preventing pure acne. It is ideal for the treatment of inflammation, acne, and acne.

It is recommended to pay attention to it if you need to find an effective sunscreen, antiseptic, soothing, regenerating oil. It is suitable for normalizing the work of sweat glands and rejuvenating face massage.

Patchouli essential oil

This tool will be a real help for those who have skin problems – too dry, numb, or floppy. You can use it effectively for acne, scars, pimples, pores, discoloration, and sweat gland dysfunction. It is widely used to treat acne, age spots, and leftover marks.

Its smell is woody with a hint of camphor. The drug is easy to apply to the face, quickly absorbed, and, if necessary, can be removed without problems. After that, there are no unpleasant feelings left.

Bergamot oil

It will help care for oily, sweaty skin affected by various acne, acne, and rashes. The main effects of the product: are the narrowing of pores, restoration of sebaceous gland activity, and elimination of oily sheen, tone, and lustrous skin. In addition, the product can improve skin tone, smooth wrinkles, and shave it.

It is an excellent remedy for cleaning and enhancing tattoos. This complex effect is explained by the presence of caprylic acid, myrcene, citropene, and vitamin E in the oil.

Sandalwood oil

The product is the result of processing wet sandalwood bark from 30 years of age. We should pay particular attention to people over 25 when the skin begins to age slowly due to a lack of collagen and moisture. This tool helps to fill them, which also takes care of the beautiful appearance, softness, cleanliness, and freshness of the leather skin.

Using this oil for quality skin is essential for dermatitis and eczema. All this results from the rich composition, which contains amino acids and various micro- and macronutrients (iron, magnesium, iodine).

Jasmine essential oil

It will be the most expensive if you compare the prices of all essential oils for quality skin. It helps well with the care of mature skin. Its use is justified in case of severe acne, violation of the integrity of the skin membrane, the vascular pattern on the face, increased sweating, and poor blood circulation in the tissues.

This product has a potent antioxidant, rejuvenating, cleansing, and regenerating effect. By penetrating deep into the skin, it starts a regeneration process, removes toxins from it, tightens pores, and improves skin tone. The product benefits pregnant women and girls who, due to hormonal problems, are worried about severe breakouts.

Oils for quality skin
Oils for quality skin

Cypress oil

Cypress oil is indicated for rosacea, dermatitis, acne, and pimples. It works best on dry, dehydrated skin. This option helps when it is covered with age and expression wrinkles, age spots, and signs of fatigue. It is suitable as a relaxant, tonic, sedative, emollient, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic.

By using it regularly, the elasticity and firmness of the skin will increase, and the complexion will improve. The high efficiency of the oil is easily explained by the presence of active components in its composition in the form of flavonoids, A, E, B3, B6, B9, and L-ascorbic acid.

Frankincense oil

The product is universal in providing reliable care for dry and oily skin. It helps with various origins, acne and allergic rashes, and dermatitis. The effect is beneficial in winter when the wind and cold negatively affect the leather. In the summer, the oil protects against ultraviolet radiation and prevents premature skin from aging.

It is no less valuable for warts, moles, and papillomas, which can eliminate. The product contains many resins, acids, gums, and amino acids, which give it soothing, healing, rejuvenating, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Ylang Ylang essential oil

It is simply a versatile oil suitable for all skin types. You can use it for both very oily and dry, dull skin. Thanks to it, the work of the sweat glands is daily, pores narrow, and all acne disappears. The product is known for its dynamic moisturizing, emollient, soothing, anti-aging properties.

Cosmetologists recommend using it for comedones, shaving stubble for men, and eliminating burns after sunbathing. It gives the most impressive effect as a scrub and tonic.

Do not use it if allergic to essential oils, dermatitis, or hives.

Rosemary essential oil

The product is obtained by evaporation of the plant’s fresh flowers, shoots, and leaves of the same name. The finished product has a pale yellow color and a light, pleasant aroma of spring grass. It is invaluable for cosmetology because you can use it effectively to care for oily and dry skin.

Even a sensitive skin membrane will not be a contraindication for this. Therefore, it will shine beautifully, with good purity, smoothness, and softness. Pimples, comedones, and boils are significantly reduced in size and disappear entirely after their use.

Eucalyptus oil

Eucalyptus oil in cosmetology is not often used. If it is used, it is mainly anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and improves blood circulation. Therefore, it is recommended to include it in the care of sensitive, delicate, pale, and impure skin that needs deep cleansing. Which it will be – dry or oily – doesn’t matter.

This option is not suitable for violating the integrity of the skin, allergies, skin diseases, and inflammations. Still, it copes with herpes, boils, and dark spots with a bang.

Lemon oil

This oil is the most powerful of all in terms of antibacterial action. Based on this, it is recommended to use it primarily with many acne, comedones, and blackheads. It can dry acne and speed up its healing.

It is also worth adding to your facial line because it is a very effective product for tightening pores, normalizing sweat glands, normalizing the skin, and improving its elasticity and lightening. It protects the skin against premature aging and smoothes fine wrinkles.

Orange essential oil

In terms of its effectiveness, this remedy can be compared to citric acid. It also has excellent antibacterial activity. It is widely used to cleanse and tone the skin.

Due to the content of vitamin C, with the help of the product, blood circulation in the tissues is improved, which helps to even out the complexion. It is no less effective in removing age spots. This oil is best suited for those with acne and tattoos.

It is not recommended for those with light skin due to the pronounced bleaching properties of the product.


Considering the indications for using each of the described funds and the effects obtained with their help, almond has become the best oils for quality skin. All the others are pretty good, too, and will quickly find their place on your shelf.

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