Hair serum, how to use? Composition, useful properties, and contraindications. TOP 6 best products, rules for using serum in hair care, real reviews.

Hair serum or serum is a concentrated multi-purpose product for intensive care of the hair, which allows you to eliminate various problems, such as tenderness, drowsiness, loss, slow growth, and so on. There are many possibilities in composition and functionality, so it is definitely a solution for all situations… All quality products in this group are very effective and get a noticeable effect quickly. This article provides detailed information on the positive properties and types of cosmetics, as well as how to use the hair serum at home to get a positive result.

What is a hair serum?

Among all kinds of hair and scalp care products, the serum is not yet the most popular product. Many people use a variety of shampoos, ointments, conditioners, and masks to maintain the health and beauty of curls. And if the shampoo is necessary, then you can improve the rest of the products or replace them completely with serum, by choosing the right type with the right consideration for current problems and hair type. Interestingly, hair products that contain natural ingredients can not only hide imperfections for a while but also help to solve the problems that caused them. In general, with the use of serum, you can get a healing, moisturizing, nourishing, and styling effect.

The consistency of such cosmetic care products can be liquid, creamy, or greasy. Depending on the type, the purpose also changes. The texture is usually so light that the effect of fixing the hair is completely absent, so you can use such cosmetics immediately for styling. And its peculiarity is that the serum is easier to use than masks and ointments. In most cases, the product does not need to be rinsed, which saves time.

Hair cords are sold in small bottles. This seems to be inefficient. However, each contains a very concentrated substance that needs to be used in small amounts. In addition, the effects are often noticeable.

What is found in the best hair serums?

  • Polyphenols … Herb antioxidants that have a protective effect on the structure of the hair shaft. They enrich them with useful substances and prevent oxidative reactions. They have a positive effect on the scalp and bulbs.
  • Tea tree essential oil … Protects hair during heat treatment and against ultraviolet rays. It also has an antiseptic effect on the scalp.
  • Argan oil … This ingredient can restore normal hair structure, get rid of dandruff, restore natural shine and protect curls from aggressive external influences.
  • Avocado oil … has high nutritional value and protects the strands from heat.
  • Other Essential Oils … These natural ingredients are very useful for curls. They have an emollient effect, allow you to smooth the structure of the hair, and make curls more manageable.
  • Ceramides … These lipids are present in the skull. Due to their deficiency, the condition of the hair worsens. Therefore, ceramides should be present in cosmetics. They allow you to maintain the normal structure of your hair.
  • Silica … They are considered salvation for dull and fluffy threads. They get through the shaft structure, fill it in and smooth the brush. After using the serum with this ingredient, the curls transform very quickly.
  • Glycerol … This ingredient also fills in the voids of the hair and surrounds the surface. It absorbs moisture very well. But it is important that at the same time the humidity of the air is not low so as not to have the opposite effect of humidity.
  • Hyaluronic acid … An essential ingredient for the health and beauty of hair. Its lack leads to the destruction of the rod.
  • Keratin … This part is present in the structure of the hair shaft. Its deficiency leads to the vulnerability of hair and brittle hair.
  • Silk extract … The natural element is important for the structure of the hair. It also has a positive effect on the appearance of the hair.

Other substances ink Zinc, selenium, betaine, sulfur, salicylic acid, etc. Are considered effective in eliminating peeling, and dandruff and normalizing the structure of the skin.

Before you buy a cosmetic product, not only read the manufacturer’s promises but also study the composition carefully. This allows you to choose exactly the option that will affect the condition of your hair.

You can buy hair accessories in many stores – specializing in the sale of cosmetics or curling irons, supermarkets, online stores, and pharmacies. The price depends on the brand, composition, and volume of the bottle. Before you buy, you can get advice from a trichologist or hairdresser to determine the right hair type and find out what components should be in a miracle cure to restore hair quickly.

Useful properties of hair serum

The composition of the serum for curls is very diverse. Depending on the composition of the components, the remedy gives one or another complex of positive effects. It is very important to take care of your hair constantly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. In this case, it will be possible to achieve the desired results and fix them for a long time.

Useful properties of hair serum in one or another combination:

  • Recovery … Even the healthiest and strongest curls have a negative effect on environmental factors and very often lose strength, become thinner and become brittle and ugly. The wound that restores the hair allows you to have a complex effect on the shaft: it fills the voids on the inside, smoothes the brush, makes the surface smooth, prevents further damage, and gives a beautiful look.
  • Moisturizing … The hair needs proper moisture. If there is not enough moisture, they lose color, become dull, brittle, thinner, and can become more tangled. To eliminate this problem, you need to use a moisturizing hair serum with special ingredients that can saturate the hair with moisture and keep it for a long time.
  • Elimination of fragility … Loose and thin threads tend to break. This does not have the best effect on the beauty of the hairstyle. In addition, you need to cut the ends more often to improve the look. Serum for the cleft end can get rid of this problem by strengthening and restoring the structure.
  • Heat protection against damage … Curls are exposed to heat daily, which does not in the best way affect their condition. Drying with a hair dryer, curling with tongs or flattening with iron, and washing in hot water, sunlight, or frozen air – all can significantly reduce the structure and appearance of the hair. A special serum helps to provide a protective effect, which surrounds each hair and prevents its destruction.
  • Colors … Many people are faced with the fact that after coloring, the color is quickly washed off or disappears before the eyes and loses its original attractive shade. This happens for a variety of reasons – hard water, exposure to wind, ultraviolet radiation, temperature from a hair dryer or iron, poor shampoo, and ointment. But again, the solution is found in the use of hair serums. Some products from this group adjust the color very well after dyeing and protect against fading. This avoids further use of paint.
  • Straightening … The elegance of the hair does not always speak for the high density of curls. Sometimes thin hair with an irregular porous structure leads to its formation, which is occasionally tangled, electrified, and split very often. In such cases, a renewed hair serum helps, which smoothes the brush, makes each hair smooth and flowing, and eliminates the dandelion. As a side effect, the curls become shiny, similar to delicate silk, gaining light.
  • Hair Discipline … Serums with this feature help to tame unruly hair that often turns wrong or is difficult to curl. Gentle care facilitates styling and allows you to create a hairstyle that will not fall apart from time to time, but on the contrary, will last all day.
  • Easy to comb … Thin and brittle, curly or loose hair is very often tangled – after washing, while it dries, in the wind. In such cases, it is necessary to use a serum to restore the structure, smoothing the surface. This will make the curls a little heavier, making them smoother and more manageable. As a result, they will be easier to comb through and will not be torn to pieces.
  • Elimination of fat content … Excessive fat production leads to rapid contamination of the scalp and hair. Curls acquire an ugly sheen, and stick together, which generally looks unattractive. As a result, some serums reduce the secretion of sebaceous glands and reduce the amount of fat in the hair.
  • Increased growth … Hair acids that contain nutrients help to restore normal metabolism and provide the hair follicles with enough vitamins and minerals that are essential for the rapid growth of the hair.
  • Fall Prevention … There are many reasons for excessive hair loss. For example, nutrient deficiencies, metabolic disorders, and damage to pears can cause it. In this case, hair loss serums should contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, as well as ingredients that stimulate blood flow. All this will have a nourishing and stimulating effect on the bulbs and protect them from premature destruction.
  • Eliminate dandruff … Serum should contain antifungals, as well as moisturizing and nourishing ingredients. This will restore the normal condition of the skin on the scalp.

Contraindications to the use of hair serum

There are no serious contraindications to serum use. It all depends on the composition of a particular product. It is very important to study it to rule out individual intolerance towards any aspect. To a greater extent, this applies to the options that need to be applied to the scalp.

If the rules of use only provide for curls and at the same time there is a suspicion of allergies, it is enough to spread the hands well after distribution.

Products manufactured in the form of sprays should be treated with caution by asthmatics and people with sensitive eyes. When spraying, it is advisable to close your eyes, hold your breath and perform the treatment in a well-ventilated area. With careful use, it will not cause any harm.

In addition, it is important to use the hair serum only for its intended purpose and to follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Hair serum
Hair serum

TOP 6 best hair strands

The growing popularity of hair serums enables manufacturers to create more and more new products that significantly expand the range. Almost every company has a line for hair care of any kind of hair and to solve individual problems or eliminate all their complexity. Manufacturers experiment with the combination and select the most useful and effective ingredients to increase the efficiency of the use of funds so that each customer can find the best option for themselves.

TOP 6 most effective remedies:

  • GKhair Hair Serum Ser Multi-purpose product: protects against external influences, moisturizes and nourishes, restores structure, eliminates power outages, and fights frost. It contains argan oil, keratin, vitamin E, and so on. It spreads easily through the hair, without weighing it down, without gluing it together. Gives a pleasant aroma.
  • Dove Advanced Hair Series Oil Serum … Suitable for removing brittleness, and restoring and moisturizing the bar. Due to prolonged use, new split ends do not appear, the curls become soft and shiny. The strengthening effect allows you to maintain the length of curls. This rejuvenating hair serum contains coconut and almond oil. It is used to work the ends.
  • Hair Serum Ollin Professional … Ollin CARE is designed for intense recovery. Suitable for hair care after chemotherapy. Versatile by hair type. The features include smoothing the surface, strengthening the shaft and eliminating brittleness, facilitating combing. After the first use, you can see a beautiful shine and feel that the curls have become soft. The composition is enriched with flaxseed concentrate.
  • Hair Serum Kapous … This brand is very popular due to its high quality and wide range. In addition to dyes, serums are on the list. For example, Biotin Energy strengthens and enhances hair growth. The serum contains biotin, lactic acid, and keratin, therefore it protects well against free radicals, provides moisture, and prevents dehydration of the ends. As a result of constant use, curls acquire shine, softness, and beautiful color.
  • Hair Serum Lador Perfect Hair Therapy … Designed for heat protection curls. Contains argan oil, silk protein, and other nutrients. This not only allows it to have a protective effect but also to gradually restore the structure of the rod, fill in the vacuum, glue all the brushes and make the hair more obedient and beautiful.
  • Alerana  Hair Growth Serum … Designed to stimulate hair shaft growth and maintain bulb function. Contains vitamins and other natural ingredients. It allows you to slow down the aging of hair follicles, avoid baldness in part, increase the density of the hair, and strengthen and heal the trunk. It is applied to the scalp and applied daily for a period of 4 months.

How to use hair serum correctly?

The serum is a means of external use and the use itself depends on the purpose. So the way to restore the structure of the rod is by moisturizing, disciplined, preserving color, and giving the hair smoothness and shine throughout the length. To accelerate growth, against dandruff and hair loss – on the root part. Against split ends – on the lower part of the hair.

Additional factors that limit one or another option are composition and consistency. It is usually light, but it can make curls heavier if used and used incorrectly.

How to use a hair serum with different compositions and consistency:

  • Fatty products are usually used to care for the ends and are never applied to the root area so as not to cause too much fat.
  • The cream can not only be applied to the ends, but also to the main part of the hair, but sometimes you also have to refuse to work the root part.
  • But liquids, which are usually sold in the form of sprays, are sprayed all over the curls, sometimes on the skin.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use the hair serum:

  • Before using the product, you must wash your hair. The material can be applied to both dry and damp curls.
  • The amount of serum required for a single treatment of hair varies from case to case and is usually described in the instructions. For liquid products an average of 2-3 sprays will suffice, for cream and oily products, it will be a few drops. An overdose can lead to the opposite effect – weight, firmness, and increased fat content of the hair.
  • You can spray liquid serum directly on your hair or in the palm of your hand first. But products with the addition of cream or oil base only on hand.
  • The serum will warm only in the palms. It should be applied with massage movements to distribute the nutrient mass evenly over the entire surface of the hair shaft.
  • No need to rinse off. It works until the next shampoo.
  • To increase the effect, you can wrap the treated areas for 15-20 minutes. However, when serum is used to restore the structure of the hair, on the contrary, it is necessary to cool the treated curls.

Actual Reviews on Hair Serum

The ever-expanding range of cosmetics allows everyone to find their own version of the hair serum. However, sometimes it is very difficult to do this, only relying on manufacturers’ marketing promises. Sometimes these products live up to expectations or prove to be inappropriate. In such cases, it is better to find out the opinion of those who have already tried this or that remedy. Online serum for hair is mostly positive. Here are some of the most informative.

Valeria, 38 years old

I bought myself a different conditioner, a conditioner. And now, after each shampoo, I use only serums. And I have three options. I change them regularly. I really like the products from Kapus, Dove, and Aleran. By the way, from the latter company, an incredibly good remedy for hair loss and to accelerate growth. It is medicinal but cosmetic, but very effective. I was always cutting the ends so that the length did not increase. And for the past six months, I have never had a haircut and the condition of my curls is great. And the length has already increased by at least 7 cm.

Alla, 43 years old

My hair itself is thin, brittle. And because of the gray hair, I have to constantly paint them. As a result, the condition of the hairdresser has always left a lot to be desired. Of course, I tried a lot of shampoos and skin care products. But I recently discovered serum. This is something like an ointment, but according to the instructions, you do not need to wash it off. And the effect is simply fantastic. The first one I bought was dear from Ollin. And now I prefer cheaper Kapus hair serums. Product for commercial use. The quality is excellent. Less lost hair is left on the comb. They seem to have become more elastic and stronger. And the color will not fade.

Polina, 40 years old

I have always enjoyed making homemade masks. But it took a long time, even though the effect was good. Right now there is almost no time for such care and I do not want to start my favorite curls. So I decided to switch to serum. The first time I bought a serum for hair loss. I did not notice any particular effects. As about 30 hairs fell out, it fell out, although in general, the curls did not get worse. And over time, I have already tried several models. Among the most effective in my opinion are Lador, Ollin, and Kapus. They all differ in price. Be sure to read not only the declared effect but also the composition.


Thus, the serum plays an important role in the care of the hair, which enables faster ways to straighten the curls, heal and strengthen them, improve their appearance and make them more obedient. The effects of the application are long-lasting and last for several days or weeks, depending on the composition.

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