Honey massage, how do you massage your body? The health and beauty benefits of honey massage are invaluable. Please find out how to do it right at home and the features and contraindications of the procedure. Honey is not only perfectly natural but also a very healthy product. Thanks to its properties, today it is widely used, not only in cooking but also in cosmetology. For example, one of the most popular and effective methods among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity is honey massage, thanks to which the whole body is healed.

Functional properties of honey massage

The result can be fantastic if you combine wellness treatments like honey and honey massage. In contrast to classical massage, in which the skin and organs are affected by irritation of the receptors during the honey massage, the used honey is absorbed directly into the tissue. As a result, lymph nodes and blood are saturated with essential vitamins, macronutrients, and other substances, as well as other biologically active substances.

The massage, which will also use honey, has a significant effect because harmful toxins are quickly removed from the body. As a result of the activity of love, there will be a strong warming effect, so massage allows you to get rid of the signs of cellulite.

Honey massage was used in ancient Rome and ancient Greece because, in these countries, they paid particular attention to the beauty of the body. Of course, the honey massage itself may not cure all ailments. Still, we can use it in complex treatments and provide noticeable cosmetic effects. This type of massage is widely used to treat a variety of conditions, including fractures of the spine and schizophrenia. It is recommended to undergo regular treatment for complex arthritis and arthritis.

Honey back massage is recommended for severe pain in the joints and muscles. Today, this medical method is used as reinforcement, as it helps the body recover much faster in the treatment of colds and diseases related to the functioning of the respiratory system.

These techniques help eliminate insomnia and deal with significant emotional fatigue. Honey massage becomes an irreplaceable assistant in treating cellulite, helps to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins effectively, and helps treat vegetative-vascular disease. It not only helps to improve the skin condition significantly but also improves well-being.

Contraindications for honey massage

A perfectly healthy person can have a honey massage to lift their spirits or to have fun. But it is only allowed to do so if there are no contraindications.

Honey massage is strictly forbidden in the following cases:

  • In the diagnosis of diabetes;
  • If you have varicose veins;
  • If you are allergic to honey, will use it during the massage;
  • If there are various infectious diseases;
  • In the diagnosis of cancer;
  • If there are diseases related to the work of the hematopoietic system;
  • With rosacea;
  • With skin diseases;
  • If this or that disease has progressed to an acute form;
  • In the postoperative period.

How to choose honey for massage?

Can o honey massage different parts of the body. Choosing a flower, fountain, or another type of honey is recommended during the operation. It is best to buy it from the manufacturer (beehives) to be 100% sure of the product’s naturalness.

It is believed to use only fresh crystalline honey for massage, but this is not the case. The fact is that the process of fructose crystallization itself does not affect the biologically active properties of the product. In addition, this picture will preserve natural materials much better.

The fact of the crystallization of honey speaks of its naturalness. If the product is counterfeit, it will not crystallize at all. First, this phenomenon is because love loses its main filling during heat treatment, thanks to the fact that it becomes plastic. Therefore, if the crystallization process occurs, the product is high quality, completely natural, and has many valuable properties. To make honey massage more accessible and more convenient to perform, it is recommended to choose a plastic product with a liquid consistency. You can take honey that has had time to crystallize, but first by melting it in a water bath.

In a holistic massage, adding a small amount of natural essential oils to honey is recommended – for example, lemon, orange mandarin, eucalyptus, lavender, grapefruit, or bergamot.

If the method is performed to lose weight, adding a few drops of citrus ester to the mixture is best. However, consider that allergies to these products may occur, so a sensitivity test is performed first. If you have allergies, it is best to take oil that has already been used.

It is important to remember that honey is one of the allergenic products. Therefore it can cause dangerous symptoms. However, much will depend on the type of honey chosen. For example, spring honey most often causes allergies, much less flower honey with chestnut honey. Therefore, before starting the massage, a sensitivity test is first performed to determine the presence of possible honey intolerance.

Honey massage technique

First, you go for a classic massage to warm up your muscles, which is done without oil. It is because the oil can significantly reduce the favorable properties of honey, and the effect of the massage will not be the same. Various massages can warm and knead the skin, thanks to which the blood flow process is improved. Then the honey is applied to the body and rubbed into the skin with gentle movements.

Over time, honey begins to thicken and be partially absorbed by the skin. After that, it will be impossible to do the massage method. Therefore, you need to use other techniques where adhesion and release from the skin are in the hands of the masseur. The nature of such movements can vary – you can pull your hand sharply or gently. In some cases, the whole palm or parts of it, such as the edge of the palm or the tip of the finger, touch the body. Can use these techniques to train the back and other parts of the body.

When you perform this type of massage, your hands are applied to the problem area for a few seconds and then suddenly released. It may not be the most painful feeling, but the result is worth the suffering.

Zigzag kneading and clapping movements are done from the abdomen, buttocks, and legs. The duration of this procedure for each problem area should be at least 10 minutes. Over time, an ugly grayish-white mass will appear on the skin’s surface. It is an entirely normal phenomenon, as fat, toxins, and impurities come from the skin. Still, the epidermis is saturated with masses of beneficial substances. It is generally accepted that the more such ugly spots appear on the body, the more toxins are in the body.

In just 15 minutes, the skin turns pale pink. It is a good sign as it is a sign that blood flow has been caused to the problem areas during the operation. Therefore, the body will be able to withstand all difficulties independently.

As soon as the honey massage is over, it is necessary to wash the rest of the honey mixture from the body. It is advisable not to use any detergent. Wipe the skin with a soft towel, and then apply an anti-cellulite cream or moisturizer to soothe irritated skin.

While the honey facial massage is allowed, only light and soft kneading movements are performed. At the same time, sharp pats and other operations are strictly prohibited.

It is worth remembering that honey massage can be dangerous, as the waste product is toxic. Be sure to rinse it off the body’s surface with water and not just wipe it off with a towel.

Honey massage
Honey massage

Honey massage against cellulite

Cellulite is not just a cosmetic defect, as it can disrupt the normal blood flow in the cells. You can touch the skin where cellulite is found, and you will see that it is colder than in areas of the body that do not suffer from this problem.

Due to the lack of circulation, there is a failure in the supply of oxygen and all the nutrients in the cells. To improve blood circulation, regular honey massage treatments are ideal.

It is recommended to perform an anti-cellulite massage in the morning, before breakfast. At the same time, its duration cannot be shorter than 30 minutes. First, this advice is because, throughout the day, there will be active exercise. After all, the effect of the massage will increase.

Suppose the massage procedure takes place in the evening. In that case, making an additional cell skin is recommended so that the most effective effect on the current fat deposits is provided.

It does not matter in which area the cell massage will be. The main thing is to observe all standard techniques strictly. The result obtained and the health of the patient depends on this. As a rule, steaming and cleansing of the skin are performed at the beginning of the procedure. Liquid honey is applied, and you can stick directly to the massage movements themselves.

Among the benefits of honey is that it can use not only on any part of the body but also in the first or fourth stage of the cell. This method will only be valid if all the rules are followed.

If there is doubt that this procedure will be performed right at home, then it is best to contact a beauty salon and trust an experienced beautician. There, during the operation, you can also use particular massagers or anti-cellulite cosmetics because the effect of the process will increase significantly.

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