Stop hair loss in the fall; what is used the best? What is the reason for hair loss in the fall, and how to recognize it in time? Recipes for folk remedies, reviews of the best cosmetics, recommendations for their use, and nutritional value. Hair loss is a fairly common problem, especially among women. It can happen at any age and in entirely different circumstances. This phenomenon cannot be attributed to trigeminal diseases, as it usually has some external causes. At the beginning of December, it usually goes away by itself. But proper treatment is still necessary here to prevent bald patches from appearing.

Causes of hair loss in the fall

Trichologists believe that the hair reduction on the head from September to November is partially average. The main thing is that the problem does not become hair loss when bald spots appear. Among the reasons that can lead to increased baldness, doctors consider the adverse effects of various environmental factors, some problems with physical and psychological health, and eating habits.

It is necessary to investigate each possible reason in more detail:

  • A sudden change in weather … In mid-October, the first noticeable colds arrive, and heavy rains begin. Due to exposure to low temperatures, the blood vessels of the head constrict, preventing normal blood flow to the hair follicles. As a result, the curls are deprived of nutrients and begin to fall out.
  • A decrease in estrogen level in the blood … usually occurs only in the fall and is accompanied by migraines, excess weight, and depression of libido. The volume of this female beauty hormone increases closer to winter and spring. This process is in the genes and happens to almost every woman.
  • Exposure to ultraviolet radiation … Frequent exposure to open sunlight increases the activity of the male hormone testosterone. It increases the number of free radicals in the blood, one of the culprits of hair loss. Therefore, curls must pay for a beautiful tan from the beginning of September-October until the end of autumn.
  • Stress … It is not without reason that there are “autumn blues” since it is at the beginning of this time of year that many problems hit a person’s head. For some, all this is related to going to work after a holiday, for others – to coming from the countryside, and for others – to start studying again at school or the university. Rainy weather causes a bad mood and does not contribute to a stable psycho-emotional state. Do not forget that in the body that experiences stress, the happy hormone (serotonin) level decreases, and constant nervous tension is associated with hair loss.
  • Nutrition … In the summer, a person’s diet contains many fresh vegetables and fruits. Still, with the onset of the first cold weather, their share decreases several times. Therefore, vitamin deficiency develops behind a lack of iron, biotin, magnesium, and other substances. Thus, all this leads to a violation of the nutrition of hair follicles and, consequently, loss of curl.

Usually, hair loss in the fall occurs for several reasons at once, and the situation only worsens with improper care – hair use of shampoos and combs with too coarse teeth, frequent and careless shampooing.

The main signs of seasonal hair loss in the fall

People who complain about this primarily notice the huge ribbons on the comb that remain after creating the style. It is worth taking what is happening seriously if falling hairs are more than 100 pieces—a day. A significant part of them leaves their owner during shampooing. A large number of vegetation on the pillow after sleep should also warn. In such a situation, the hair may become so thin that the skin becomes very noticeable.

Often this phenomenon occurs together with increased sensitivity of curls. Still, their roots are pale in color, which indicates a violation of their nutrition and blood flow. Along with the primary disease (hair loss), the need for frequent shampooing due to the high hair pollution can also be a concern. They must also become thinner, lose volume and take on an unhealthy appearance.

A sharp increase in the amount of dandruff and a slowdown in the growth of curls, general weakness, apathy, and headaches can be associated with this. Suppose hair loss in the fall is related to improper nutrition. In that case, a vitamin deficiency may occur, manifested by tingling in the limbs and numbness, a decrease in hemoglobin, nausea, and severe itching of the skin.

When stressed, bad moods, reduced performance, and sleeplessness are a concern.

How to deal with stopping hair loss in the fall?

An integrated approach is needed to successfully solve the problem: intake of vitamin and mineral complexes, use of various cosmetics and folk remedies – decoctions, oils, masks. Equally important is a regular, healthy diet, with sources of various micro- and macro-cells and vitamins on the menu. But first of all, you should remove stress from life, pick up a comb with soft teeth, stop drying your hair with a hairdryer, and refuse to dye it for a while.

What cosmetics will help get rid stop hair loss in the fall

On the shelves of stores, you can find various sprays, shampoos, ointments, and masks that manufacturers promise to solve in just a few months. Of course, this is only possible in combination with the intake of vitamin and mineral complexes. For more significant results, can add oil solutions of alpha-tocopherol and retinol to the finished products requiring 20ml per 200ml of product. It is recommended to wash your hair no more than twice a week.

 Leaders among such funds are the following works:

  • Spray … The most famous of them will be a product from Alerana based on a 2% and 5% minoxidil solution. It stops hair loss, restores the structure of the hair, and activates hair growth. It must be used once a day, especially after shampooing. A good analogue of this spray is Selencin, which contains collagen, biotin, and many other biologically active components. It is sprayed on the hair root by holding the bottle at a slight angle; the product’s usage time is equal to a month.
  • Shampoo … Here, just as in the case of sprays, products from “Aleran” are in the leading position. The company has hair loss shampoos for both standard and problem hair types. Both do not disturb the skin’s acid-base balance and improve blood circulation. In addition, the restoration of the structure of follicles and their nutrition is provided due to vitamin B5, lecithin, and wheat proteins.
  • Mask … Best results are achieved using the “Eleven 7 Oils”, which contains castor, caraway, and other effective oils. It is produced by a Ukrainian company and is used for all hair types. It is recommended to use it 2 times a week, apply to the roots, spread over all curls, and rinse off with warm water. If this option is not suitable, a great solution would be to buy a burdock ointment mask against hair loss from the brand Pharma Bio Laboratory. Its effectiveness is based on the effect of a decoction of medicinal herbs, which amounts to up to 75% in the composition. Apply the product like a regular shampoo and keep it on the head for 1-2 minutes.
  • Cosmetics … A product called “Hair Striking” from the Biocon brand helps greatly. Must use it after shampooing every time you wash your hair. You can replace this remedy with Dr. Sante’s equally effective Burdock series against hair loss. It provides a profound restoration of their structure, hydration, and nutrition, thus eliminating fragility and loss.

How to get rid of severe hair loss in the fall with vitamins

We are talking here about vitamin and mineral complexes, which contain vitamins B9, B6, C, A, E, B5, iron, and magnesium; they are responsible for the condition of curls. They can produce these drugs in pills, capsules, tablets, and syrup. They should be used in courses for 2-4 weeks with a half-year break. Trichologist prescribes treatment after donating blood for thyroid hormones (TSH, T4, T3, and calcitonin).

The most popular and effective remedies are:

  • Perfectil plus … This is a relatively expensive drug from an English manufacturer. Its composition contains more than 15 different nutrients, from vitamin A to selenium. The capsules are covered with a thick shell; they must be drunk after a meal and whole, so they dissolve directly in the stomach. The recommended daily dose is 1 piece, washed with plenty of water. Treatment takes 4 weeks, after which a consultation with a doctor is required.
  • Vitrum Beauty … This is the main competitor of Perfektil plus, as the effectiveness of this vitamin and mineral complex is also high, and the price is many times lower. It contains ascorbic acid, alpha-tocopherol, retinol, iron, and many others. Another form of the mixture is tablets, of which 30 or 60 pieces are in one plastic jar. Swallow them without chewing; drink plenty of water; people older than 18 are advised to drink 1 table. Twice a day after meals.
  • Pantnagar … This is the most expensive drug designed to eliminate hair loss. It is not quite right to call it a vitamin-mineral complex since, in such substances, there is only calcium. The effective use of the product is due to the presence of keratin in the composition, which restores the structure of hair follicles. These capsules are applicable even if the cause of hair thinning has not been found. They are taken with 1 pc. Three times a day, after meals, chew and drink water. The drug is not prescribed for children under 12 years of age; medication is given for one month.
  • Dragee “Merz” … Officially, they belong to food supplements; they contain a mixture of all substances important for hair health – iron, cyanocobalamin, retinol, biotin, etc. The medicine is published in Germany, and you must take one monthly piece. In the morning and the evening. One bottle is enough for the course.

Attention! You cannot combine the intake of different vitamins; this can lead to hypervitaminosis and reduced absorption of certain nutrients.

Stop hair loss in the fall
Stop hair loss in the fall

How to deal with seasonal stop hair loss in the fall with masks

This method will help to cope with the task if the problem is not very serious. The masks themselves are adequate, but in combination with oral vitamins, they will work even better. When you plan to prepare such products, you should pay special attention to natural ingredients, both plant and animal – eggs, sour cream, honey, and glycerin. It is necessary to include various oils and herbs in the composition of the masks.

We have researched many recipes and selected the best among them:

  • Mix some not very expensive cognac (20 ml) with egg yolk (2 pcs.) and a spoonful of unsweetened honey (2 tablespoons). Massage the mixture well, heat it, cool it, apply to the ends of the hair and soak under a hat for 30 minutes.
  • Dissolve mustard powder (3 tablespoons) in strong black tea (10 ml), pour carrier oil (10 drops), and one egg yolk into the mixture. Stir the mixture, massage it into the scalp, leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse.
  • Put rosemary and castor oil (10 ml each) in a solution of Dimexide (2 tablespoons), spread the composition over the surface with your fingers, and rinse your hair after 20 minutes.
  • Peel the onion, grate it on the finest grater, rub it into the skin, and leave it for 15 minutes; then rinse the hair well with shampoo and clean water.
  • Grind cottage cheese (30 g) with light sour cream (15 ml), add lemon juice (20 drops) to the mass, stir and massage over the head. Then wrap it with plastic, wait 20 minutes, and rinse the mixture with water.
  • Dissolve red pepper (1 teaspoon) in vodka (50 ml). Next, use your fingers to apply the mixture to your skin and massage it, spreading the mixture evenly over the entire surface. You don’t need to keep it on your head for more than 10 minutes, or you can burn yourself.

It is necessary to apply masks once a week with slight hair loss and twice if baldness is observed.

Proper nutrition to stop hair loss in the fall

The diet should include foods rich in folate and ascorbic acid, iron, biotin, alpha-tocopherol, retinol, and magnesium. Moreover, most of them should come with raw vegetables and fruits, as heat treatment significantly reduces the number of nutrients.

You should fall in love with green apples, seaweed, pomegranate, green peppers, beets, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower.

Green tea, rosehip, mint, and spring extract will help improve blood flow to hair follicles.

If possible, it is necessary to include nuts on the menu – walnuts, almonds, cashews.

You can prepare a mixture of lemon (half with peel), dried apricots, dates, raisins, and honey; dried fruits need 50 g each, and the last ingredient – is 3 tbsp. l. They must be combined, turned in a meat grinder, poured over with honey, mixed, and eaten 4 tbsp. l. on an empty stomach. Dairy products, which contain the protein necessary for hair, deserve special attention.

It would help if you ate lightly salted red fish – salmon, pink salmon, etc.

How to stop hair loss in the fall with folk remedies

For preparing such broths, you can use all herbs that strengthen hair follicles – calendula, nettle, calendula, burdock, and aloe. Additional ingredients may include honey, lemon juice, and eggs. It is allowed to use broth, infusion, and tincture, but they must all be fresh; you should not keep them in the refrigerator for more than a week.

The following combinations may work for you:

  • Pour boiling water over the herb of rice and nettles, 3 tbsp. Each. l. Allow the mixture to cool, strain, and rinse your hair with the resulting liquid. After that, they smell unpleasant, so you have to use shampoo.
  • Pour calendula flowers (7 tablespoons) with boiled water (1 liter), leave for 2-3 hours, strain, and wash your hair with the prepared infusion before shampooing.
  • Squeeze aloe juice from young plants, of which you need 5 tbsp. l., combine it with vodka (10 ml), lemon juice (20 ml), and shampoo against hair loss (40 ml). Pour the mixture into a bottle, shake it and apply to the curls, starting from the roots and ending with the ends. Massage the mix well, leave it on for 1-2 minutes and rinse with clean water.
  • Grind the rhizomes (3 tablespoons), put them in a jar, and fill them with warm (300 ml) boiled water. Then cover the container with a lid and leave it for 5-6 hours. Strain it before using the infusion.
  • Washing your hair with a simple serum is excellent; it improves circulation, eliminates dandruff, and helps speed up hair growth.

Before storing this or that composition in the refrigerator, it should be warmed to room temperature since cold substances slow down blood circulation and create stressful conditions for the follicles, just like hot masks. How to stop seasonal hair loss in women in the fall


Given how long fall loss lasts (roughly from the beginning of October to the end of November), it’s unlikely that you’ll go bald. But in any case, you need to be very attentive to yourself and give them carefully considered care, with the help of people and cosmetics.

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