Ginger for the face

Ginger for the face, how use your face? Useful properties of ginger for the face, contraindications, and damage. Methods of use, recipes for home remedies. Results, actual reviews. Ginger Facial is a natural remedy that can improve the condition of […]

Lashes: Castor oil for eye lashes

Lashes for Castor oil, tips for girls who want beautiful, thick, and healthy. Use castor oil correctly! The most beautiful thing that can beautify a girl’s face is her eyes. There are those who are so charming and people’s opinions […]

Spearmint diffuser blends

Try these Spearmint diffuser blends using essential oil: The mint plant is a versatile perennial herb that has been prized since ancient times. Summer Wind Spearmint diffuser blends 1 drop of Green Mint 1 drop of Bergamot 3 drops of […]