Lashes for Castor oil, tips for girls who want beautiful, thick, and healthy. Use castor oil correctly! The most beautiful thing that can beautify a girl’s face is her eyes. There are those who are so charming and people’s opinions drown in themselves. While looking at various advertisements for large, curly lashes, we also try to highlight them using mascara and various tongs, without thinking that this can lead to the loss of lashes. After all, special care is also important for them.

Lashes for Castor oil

Many who have faced this problem have the question: “How can you restore the former beauty and thickening of the lashes? »For this, you do not need much effort and cost, only one national and effective resource, ordinary castor oil.

Castor oil composition

Castor oil, extracted from the seeds of salmon beans, is considered one of the most poisonous plants. This combination is also the best in quality when the mixture was cold-pressed. And it is his beauticians who recommend using it when they think about the skin of the face, wrinkles, lighter freckles, and age spots and get rid of warts.

Basically, this liquid appears to be a light yellow color. The composition contains the most different useful acids.

It is this product that is ideal and reliable for use in various cosmetics. But before use, it is worth doing a small test for individual endurance on sensitive areas of the skin, for example on the elbows. If itching and redness are noticeable, then this only speaks of increased sensitivity to this drug, and then it is worth stopping its use and then switching to another folk remedy for the growth of lashes.

Castor oil for eye lashes
Castor oil for eye lashes

How does castor oil work on the lashes

Why is castor oil the best for eyelash care? In fact, the secret lies in its chemical composition. This oil contains a rich composition that includes: oleic acid, palm, linoleic acid (arachidonic acid), and ricin oleic acid. These substances make the lashes brighter, and thicker, glue the small scalp together, give them smoothness, affect the “sleeping” lashes and force them to grow. This increases the volume of the lashes. Based on this, an answer is formed that makes us understand why castor oil is the best cure for our epilepsy. Of course, it can be compared to many ingredients, but in this, it will still be the best.

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