Nowadays there is no better way of enjoying the true gift of nature than aromatherapy. Not all essential oil lovers do it the same. Some think that oil burners work best and the majority who believe they know best, go with diffusers. The question is, what is your style? Going over most essential oil diffuser reviews by the customers, it is quite clear that most essential oil users enjoy the fragrance other than the full benefits of the essential oils.

I will not beat around the bush on this one. The main reason, the world is going back to shrubs and herbs is the fact that tablets and syrups are no longer effective as getting the original ingredient. Nature’s elements are better in their original form, They should not be burnt or damaged in any way, and the only way to achieve this is to use an essential oil burner that is specially designed to give you the ingredient you need in its actual form.

To get a clear understanding of what this means, I will take you through a brief overview of the reasons you need an essential oil diffuser and not an oil burner.


Just as the name states, an oil burner is simply a device that vaporizes and burns the oils to produce heat. Just like an essential oil diffuser, Its design is not complex. It has a cup used to hold essential oils on the top of a candle-like furnace.

The heat below the cup is used to heat and evaporate the oils that in turn give out your desired fragrance. Most oil burner fanatics find this device remarkable simply because it does nothing less than give out an aromatic smell. They are also cheap, popular, and affordable, and the best part is, that you don’t need to find a specific place to put them to enjoy the fragrance.

What you mustn’t forget is the fact that burning an essential oil doesn’t offer the full benefits of aromatherapy. This is because the furnace below the cup heats and breaks all the molecules of the oils that in turn release plain fumes. This is where essential oil diffusers come in handy.


An essential oil diffuser is simply a device used to disperse essential oils in their natural form to spread everywhere in your rooms and fill your home with a natural fragrance. There are two popular types of essential oil diffusers.

1. Nebulizing essential oil diffusers: These essential oil diffusers come with an inbuilt motor that stimulates the emission of the mist from essential oils into the air and everywhere around the house.

2. Ultrasonic essential oil diffusers: Just like nebulizers, ultrasonic essential oil diffusers use electricity to emit the fine mist of the essential oils into the air. However, unlike nebulizers, they use a different mechanism to convert the oils into fine mists. Ultrasonic Essential oil diffusers are quite useful in very large rooms such as the living room. They work best in ensuring that your room is filled with fragrance.

Others include evaporative diffusers that use a fan to distribute the fine mist into the air. Whether you are using an oil burner or an essential oil diffuser, it isn’t easy to notice the difference in their benefits.

However, when it comes to therapeutic benefits, it is quite clear that oil burners, damage the ingredients vital for aromatherapy hence giving you less of what you need. According to experts, essential oil diffusers are safer than oil burners simply because they suit an environment where kids exist.

Using an oil diffuser will give you the essential oils in their pure form which will in turn result in several benefits as follows.

* Relieve stress: Pure essential oils are known to work best in ensuring your body stays relaxed. They also work quite well whenever you need a space to clear your mind.

* Improves focus: Stress, anxiety, and loads of work might divert your attention from work. Taking a few minutes to enjoy essential oils is proven to help you forget all the troubles by clearing your mind hence improving your focus.

* Enhance neurotransmitter performance: One of the best ways to ensure you are healthy is to work on the health of your brain. In the current world where your job requires you to overload your brain, it is vital to consider essential oils simply because they are proven to enhance neurotransmitter performance.

* Improves endorphin secretion: You don’t need to depend on toxic supplements to get the right levels of endorphins in your body. Buying an essential oil diffuser will save you all the trouble. Essential oils in their natural form will improve the endorphin secretion in your body which will in turn help in reducing stress.



Would you buy an oil burner or an essential oil diffuser? Well, it depends on whether you value quality or price. If you prioritize price over benefits, then oil burners might come in handy. However, if you have a clue what essential oils in their natural form mean to a person looking to stay healthy, then you might go with an essential oil diffuser. In my view, oil burners are just like standard air fresheners. They will give you the aroma, but not the full benefits of aromatherapy. Essential oil diffusers, especially the electric ones will give you the oils in their pure form since they don’t heat and damage the molecules. If you ask me for advice, I would recommend oil diffusers instead of oil burners.

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