Reed diffusers are a popular way to scent any room in your home or office. Although there are several fragrances available in stores, you can make one yourself very easily. Making homemade your own oil is cheaper, easier, and allows you to choose the fragrances you prefer and avoid those to which you are especially sensitive.

Base oil for diffuser

You have several options. You can choose to buy a commercially prepared base or use di propylene glycol (available at stores that sell soap-making supplies). You can also combine almond oil and a small amount of high-proof vodka or perfume alcohol; however, this will be less effective.


Reed diffusers can be scented with essential or fragrance oils. Alcohol is needed to properly disperse these fragrances. You can create your own mix of scents. Try combining rosemary, lavender, peppermint, and Roman chamomile for a relaxing fragrance that’s perfect for the bathroom or bedroom. For a fresh scent in the kitchen, mix bergamot, lemon, and spearmint. The combination of juniper, sweet orange, and cinnamon is excellent for creating a comfortable atmosphere in your living room. Change the mixtures according to the seasons to create a cool environment in summer and a warm one in winter (See Reference Point 3).

Homemade diffuser oil
Homemade diffuser oil

Preparation of diffuser oil

In a dark glass container, mix the essential or fragrance oils according to your preferences. Combine them with your diffuser base or with di propylene glycol. Use three parts of the first for seven parts of the base and mix very well. Soak the reeds. Let them sit briefly before removing and re-soaking at opposite ends. The oil diffuser base will prevent evaporation and keep the room smelling nice for several months.


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