During winter, the air is exceptionally dry because cold air cannot accommodate much humidity. You are aware that lack of humidity in a room can lead to the build-up of static electricity which may harm electronics. Nevertheless, more adverse effects of dry indoor air are felt by the people and plants in the house. These may be in terms of parched throats, chapped lips, and a variety of respiratory problems. You will; therefore, find that you cannot do without an air humidifier. However, before you purchase a humidifier unit, stop to consider its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of humidifiers

Furnishings lasting longer

Dry indoor air may make wallpapers and paintwork peel off. Remember wallpapers and the paintwork costs a lot of money. Without humidifiers, you may be getting new wallpapers and repainting your walls regularly. This may cost you a fortune in the long run. A little moisture in the air will keep them fresh and new for a little longer. Therefore, you need humidifiers to make your furnishings last longer.

Healthy indoor plants

There is no denying the fact that most indoor plants are from the tropics. One thing that characterizes the tropics is high humidity. If you are going to grow indoor plants, you need to recreate the tropical environment in the room. Naturally, it is not possible to maintain a level of humidity in the room unless you take some measures, such as using humidifiers. Whenever the temperatures drop to below freezing point, the moisture in the air quickly dwindles, putting the life of your potted plants at risk. This is the time to switch on the humidifier and keep the plants healthy.


You will feel warmer when the level of humidity is substantial. When you feel warmer, you will not need to purchase room heaters or warm clothing that is usually expensive. Room heaters are not only expensive but also power-consuming. You can keep all these expenditures at bay by getting a humidifier. One device will be able to keep your room properly moisture as well keeping you warm. Therefore, the purchase of a humidifier will enable you to kill two birds with a single stone.

Health benefits

The health benefits of humidifiers cannot be underscored. A humid environment will ensure that you don’t suffer from chapped lips, dry skin, or a parched throat. Without humidifiers, life during winter would be a living hell. Some regions on the planet may not experience winter but are arid. Arid environments also lack the ability to conserve moisture in the air. Living in such places would require the use of a humidifier.

Safe electronics in the room

Lack of humidity in a room may lead to the build-up of static electricity. This would not be a big problem if you didn’t have a variety of electronics in your house. You cannot do without such devices as TV sets, radios, and computers. These devices may not see eye to eye with static electricity. To protect your electronics during periods of low humidity, you will need to install humidifiers in your house. When they churn out moisture into the air, it absorbs electric charges lingering in the air, making it safe for your electronic devices.

Disadvantages of humidifiers

Despite the numerous benefits of using humidifiers, the devices are not without their inherent drawbacks. However, you should realize that most of the disadvantages can be mitigated. Observing a few best practices may be enough to combat them.

Presence of white dust

Using tap water or mineral water in your humidifiers is potentially dangerous. The chemical components in such water are usually left behind during the humidification process. The residue takes the form of white dust. The dust may also be issued into the air you breathe, causing serious health concerns. To avert this danger, it is advisable to use distilled water. If you have made up your mind to use humidifiers, then you will have to stock up on distilled water.


Humidifiers may become a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria and fungi. The wetness that lingers on the humidifier filters and inside its reservoir provides a conducive environment for pathogens. As you enjoy the enhanced humidity brought about by the humidifier, you may also be breathing in disease-causing bacteria and fungi. Your respiratory system will be in danger of contracting an infection. Nevertheless, this problem can be avoided by regularly cleaning the unit.

Noisy room

If you must use humidifiers, then you should be ready to bear with the constant humming of the machine. In essence, you will never have a quiet room. You may place a towel over it, but you will not blot its sounds out completely. Nevertheless, there are some that use some technology to remain silent, but you will have to dig deeper into your pocket to get them. However, their mode of operation cannot allow them to work silently. The humming sound can be very disruptive especially at night when you need a quiet environment for sleeping. If you have difficulties falling asleep, you may have to chuck the machine out of your house.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Advantages and Disadvantages

Unregulated moisture

Some humidifiers are not equipped with hygrometers. Consequently, they have no capacity to regulate the amount of moisture ejected into the room. This may result in too much humidity in the room. Too much moisture in the air is definitely not good for your health. It may lead to respiratory problems. It may also aggravate the symptoms of asthma – there may be an asthmatic patient in the family. Consequently, you may need to look for humidifiers that are equipped with the relevant devices for regulating the level of humidity in the air.

Extra work

Well, using a humidifier means extra work. The device requires regular cleaning and maintenance. After every few days, you will have to cut short your program to attend to these humidity-generating machines. Failure to clean the machines will result in dire consequences. Bacteria and fungi may build up in the machine and pose a serious health problem.

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