Patchouli oil to attract money; how can you use it to make money? Testimonials from people who have been helped by this tool.

Patchouli oil is a cosmetic product with medicinal properties and is widely used in cosmetology. It is actively used in the occult for various purposes, including achieving success. This article will discuss the use of patchouli oil to raise money. It will also tell you exactly how it helps and what you need to do for this. Moreover, here you will find reviews of people who were able to solve their financial problems this way.

What is patchouli oil?

Patchouli oil is an exotic remedy made from the young leaves of the patchouli plant, which is native to the Philippines, Seychelles, Java, Malaysia, India, and some other Asian countries. Only dried raw materials are taken to obtain the essential oil of patchouli.

Patchouli oil has a unique, persistent aroma with bitter notes. True, over time, with long-term storage, the smell gradually disappears.

The consistency of patchouli oil is very dense; the texture is oily, and the color is pale or rich yellow with a slight green tint, depending on the manufacturer. It belongs to the essentials and is available in glass bottles, with an average volume of 10 to 250 ml. Due to its high potency, this component is often mixed with soybean oil and many others.

The price of patchouli oil for use to attract money is about 10$. The product’s shelf life is 2-3 years from the date of manufacture. The product is stored in a dark place where sunlight does not reach.

How does patchouli oil work to attract money?

Patchouli oil to attract money is believed to bring success in work and personal life, give stability, and promote prosperity. It is said to be a source of luck and promise wealth. It signifies that just one product drop can improve the material condition when applied to the wallet.

There is evidence that patchouli oil attracts not only money but also love, makes a person more attractive in the eyes of others, and helps to get rid of adversity and become happy.

It benefits women who want to build a strong family and men who wish for financial well-being.

How to use patchouli oil to attract money?

Patchouli oil can help in raising money if used correctly.

Here are the top ways to use patchouli oil to raise money:

  • Take an account you don’t mind ruining and oil it well with the product. Then dry it and put it in your wallet. Use it in it without reaching. It will attract wealth and help build capital.
  • The oiled things or things you need to make money. For example, writers might have a notebook or pen; singers might have a microphone, etc. The monetization properties of patchouli essential oil are such that the profits will increase gradually, and the work will bring more income with less effort.
  • Grease the piggy bank in which you collect the change. It benefits those who want to earn money for travel or other purposes. But this method will not be unnecessary for those who wish to increase their income.
  • To use patchouli essential oil to attract money, anoint 3 candles with it, light it on a full moon and wait until they burn out completely.
  • You can also treat your favorite pendant with a product, dry it and wear it for prosperity and increase wealth.
  • Take a bath with 30 drops of oil once a week. It will be helpful not only for success but also for beauty.

Occasionally, a combination of nutmeg (3 drops), cinnamon (5 drops), cedar wood (2 drops), and patchouli (7 drops) can be used in a scented lamp.

Those who use patchouli oil frequently to attract success and money should not throw away the rest. It is believed that together with them, a person gives part of his energy and, therefore, the opportunity to earn money.

You should also not give patchouli oil to others if you have already started the wrap – this reduces the chances of achieving financial well-being.

Patchouli oil to attract money
Patchouli oil to attract money

Reviews of the use of patchouli oil to attract money

In reviews of patchouli oil to attract money, some people write that it did not help them. But to a greater extent, people notice changes in their lives, the reasons for what they see when using such an unusual method. Furthermore, among those who are lucky enough to get out of poverty are both adults and young people, both women and men.

Dinara, 46 years old

Tired of not having money, I worked three jobs to somehow provide for myself and the baby. But there was always not enough money, she could only afford food, and there was no question of buying new clothes or going somewhere to rest. Attempts to collect also did not help; there was nothing to delay, and over time destroyed everything. This desperation did not give me rest. Once, I accidentally read about the property of patchouli oil to attract money. Since then, I’ve carried a medium-sized bill in my wallet, smeared with the product. Maybe this is funny, but it seems to me that now luck is on my side; my salary has been increased. However, expecting money to fall on your head is not worth it.

Yevgeniya, 32 years old

I never believed in various rituals and the other world, so I got used to achieving everything myself. However, this did not negate the fact that I began to run out of money one day. The family doctor’s salary remained the same, barely enough for a minimum set of products and payment of utilities. My husband also had problems at work, layoffs started, and he got on the list; now, he is looking for a new position. Everything went wrong, and secretly from my partner, I used reviews of patchouli oil that I found on the Internet to attract money and grease my wallet. True, then I threw it away, as it all got greasy. Either a miracle or a coincidence, but I was offered a raise about a month later. Now I am ready to reconsider my negative attitude towards various rituals.

Rita, 62 years old

It’s already been 7 years since I retired, of course, there is not enough money for anything, the rent is high, and you also need to live on something, besides you need to dress and buy medicine. That’s why she started a small business – growing onions, parsley, and other greens. Everything was going well, but then for some reason, the income began to decrease and decrease, and the number of competitors increased. I didn’t want to give it all up, as I didn’t see any other way to make a living. So that made me turn to unconventional methods of attracting good luck. As a result, she started throwing change in the thrift store, often anointing it with patchouli oil. I was surprised how the next lot of greens started to spread instantly; I also started delivering them in bulk, and now I spend less time selling; I don’t have to stand in the market. And this is with my natural lousy luck!

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